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  1. Hi Kay ! Thanks for your answer ! And congrats on your wedding ! We also sent out our STDs with only the month (April 2012). But now, as we are getting ready to send out our invitations, which will include an insert with all the details (TA, deposit, websites, travel dates..), we don't know what to put down as a date. I don't think I'm comfortable putting down the departure date, nor the travel dates... I think I'll wait for an answer from the WC. Thanks !
  2. Hey everyone ! I couldn't find a thread that chatted about this so I started one My FI and I have booked Melia Las Dunas, Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba for the week of April 6-13th, 2012. Very excited ! However, we have still to get confirmation of the exact date and time of our wedding ceremony. We are ready to order our invitations but need this information. Our TA told us that normally you put your departure date on the invitation since the wedding date could change. I think that makes sense, but Im not totally convinced ! What did you guys do ? Thanks so much !! Danielle
  3. We want to use the beautiful gazebo ! We think it might be a little more private than the beach.
  4. We booked Melia Las Dunas from April 6-13th 2012 !! So excited !! Just waiting confirmation of our wedding date
  5. Oct 2010 HopelesslyBlissful - October 10 - Blau Costa Verde, Holguin Crystalballl - October 20 - Playa Pesquero, Holguin Stephanie & Travis - October 25 - Melia Varadero December 2010 Krishna69z - December 1 - Iberostar Laguna Azul AliciaM - December 2 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Richard and Mary (richardparent) - week of Nov 27th- Dec 3d- Melia las Dunas Lisa1981 - December 9 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Fireweed - December 20 - Blau Varadero Caroline & Eric (Cuba Destination Wedding) - Dec 1- Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria February 2011 Alexsbride- Feb.4 -Sirenis La Salina Weeks of Feb.1-14 Janine & Jon (bride.to.be) Feb 10 - Iberostar Laguna Azul, Varadero Josee & Ghislain (jo2011) Feb. 11 @ 3h00 - Melia Las Dunas Lindslou - Feb 15 - Sirenis Playa Turquesa, Holguin March 2011 Bryan and Kelsey (islandbride_2011) - March 6-14th Iberostar Varadero Albert and Suzanne (HazelsMelody) - March 25, 2011 - Iberostar Varadero Jannine and Eric (ChristmasInCuba) - March 31st 2011 - Iberostar Tainos April 2011 Cristina & Mark (cristina2011) - April 4 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Lyndsey & Jeremy (LRohr) - April 8 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Luna81 - April 14 - Iberostar Laguna Azul AngelaVaradero - April 25 - (changed resort!) Iberostar Varadero Cassandra & Brett - April 26 - Melia Las Dunas Santa Clara May 2011 Ron and Mel - Iberostar Laguna Azul - week of April 30th to May 7th Janet and Larry JNL- Iberostar laguna Azul - week May 1 to May 8th October 2011 Valentine_Baby - October 4 - Melia Las Dunas, Cayo Santa Clara December 2011 Elisa and Keith - Playa Pesquero - December 2nd @ 4pm January 2012 Sarah & Bruce - January 11 - Iberostar Laguna Azul April 2012 jpanddanielle - April 6 - 13th - Melia Las Dunas, Cayo Santa Maria
  6. Hey Ladies ! Congratulations on your weddings ! My FI and I are planning our wedding for April 2012 and we are very much leaning towards Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria or Melia Las Dunas. I am going to visit these locations in May to help me make up my mind ! Please post back your reviews of your special day ladies ! Danielle
  7. Congrats to you too ! I noticed you are from Ontario, I live in Montreal ! Have you decided on a beach ceremony or are you using the gazebo ?
  8. Hey Ladies ! My FI and I are looking at LMD for our wedding in April 2012 !! YEAH !!! We chose Cuba because we think prices will better suit the budget of our guests compared to Mexico and DR. Has anybody got married there recently ???
  9. We are looking into having our wedding here in April 2012. Thanks for all the information !! Happy planing ladies !
  10. Hi Ali ! I am also looking into this resort for April 2012. Could you me the information ? Thanks:D
  11. Hey girls ! I am also looking into GBP ! Could someone send me the info package, please ? I have not received any reply from them yet ? So exciting !!
  12. Hey girls ! My fiance and I are also looking into his resort. We are planning for April 2012. Any info/comments you have would be really appreciated !!
  13. Hey Ladies ! My FI and I are planning a DR wedding for April 2012 ! This tread has been very helpful !
  14. Hi ladies ! Any updates on this resort? My fiance and I are planning a wedding in PC for April 2012. I'm really excited !
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