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  1. Here is the link to our photog's blog from our AHR! He was amazing and we have over 350 beautiful edited pictures! Just need to try and find some favorites now! We had a big surprise at the AHR because it was also the day that we got legally married! Let me know what you think!!! http://licensetostill.com/2011/08/deanna-joe-central-oregon-wedding-eagle-crest/
  2. Just had my AHR last month and we played the slideshow off the laptop onto a flat-screen TV. We had everyone watch it at once and it worked great for us!
  3. So excited to see all the future Jamaica brides-to-be! We were just there this Summer and it was hands down the best decision we made! Jamaica is a beautiful location and filled with wonderful people! Congrats and Enjoy!
  4. Congrats to all of the April 2011 brides i love reading the updates from all of you. Since I was an early May 2011 bride I was always checking in with all of you! Here's the pics from my AHR: http://licensetostill.com/2011/08/deanna-joe-central-oregon-wedding-eagle-crest/
  5. Hi Danni! Our AHR went fabulous!!!! Had such a great time! We had a lot of guests who RSVP'd and then just didn't show up, which was disapointing but oh well. Here are the pictures! http://licensetostill.com/2011/08/deanna-joe-central-oregon-wedding-eagle-crest/
  6. Hi May ladies! How is everyone? Any big news or AHR approaching? Ours is only 4 days away and my to-do list is huge! lol
  7. Laura, Totally get it. I know most of us wanted a small AHR and ended up with a big reception. I kind of feel like we are all in the same boat! I know that my AHR (it's this weekend) is not exactly what I envisioned either but I am trying to consider everyone else too. A lot of our guests have traveled to celebrate with us and if they want a fancy party then so be it. I am going to have a great time either way. But the dj better not play the hokey pokey! lol Can't wait to see the pictures from your AHR! Enjoy your weekend away!
  8. So happy that you got your pictures! I am waiting very anxiously for mine! She said they were shipped last Thursday!
  9. WOW! That is a high quote! I feel a lot better about my price now! lol I am continually shocked at how expensive wedding vendors are. it's crazy! Congrats on scoring that great deal with your neighbor!
  10. That's great! We were having the same stress(and our AHR is on July 2nd!) about a DJ. I really didn't want to worry about finding all the songs and uploading them myself. We found a local dj who will do all the setup, DJ and MC the whole night for $450 instead of the regular $650. Does that seem resonable? we just really want people dancing all night!
  11. I almost cried too! So amazing! You will have some beautiful pictures to look at for years to come!
  12. Doing the same thing with our wedding money too!
  13. Your reception sounds wonderful! I love all the details that you have thought of!
  14. That's great! I am so glad you liked them. Being that it was just the two of us, it was a little difficult to find other brides that were doing the same too. I can assure you though that it was perfect from start to finish and I have never been more relaxed! I can't say the same about the AHR I am having in less than two weeks though! lol
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