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  1. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Hotel Costa Verde
  2. I have been to all 3 areas. Santa Teresa and Mal Pais are part of the same long streach of beaches and more refers to a particular area. They are fairly remote areas so unless you and your guests are fairly adventurous I would suggest you find another more accessible area of Costa Rica. We were planning on getting married there but it was too remote for our guest to travel as we had some coming for the weekend from San Jose. It takes a few hours of driving, a ferry and you can fly but you still have to drive on some less than ideal roads. Also if you are considering getting married in the
  3. Thanks! It's a million dollar view for a low price. Looks just as good in person too!
  4. We had not one but two AHR receptions within a month of getting married. Yeah we're crazy. It was alot of extra work, my mother in law took care of one and we did the other. Both were at restaurants. I wish we had waited a month or two, I was so stressed out. Here are my pro pics up on my photogs blog if anyone wants to take a look see http://abritandablonde.com/2012/04/09/blog/the-art-of-manliness-at-a-costa-verde-wedding/
  5. Here is the photo of the flip flop jewels.
  6. Im on my iPhone I'll post a pic later today for you
  7. The bags are from the Dollarama dollar store, my local dollarama had a few left so they might be in others. I also bought them in the summer. Please let me know if your interested!!!
  8. I was thinking about doing a run in the spring too, but not a half marathon just a 5k! I'm a casual runner and only made it up to 10k before I fell off on my running training. I figure 5k is a good goal to have. Good luck! I'm not really a scrap booking person, but I want to put together a scrap book of things from our trip and wedding. Does anyone have any ideas or links to ideas?? I'm going to go on Pininterest and see if there is anything there.
  9. I have a few items leftover for sale, will ship to anywhere in Canada, all prices in Canadian dollars. OOT bags originally from the Dollar Store: One red, one pink and 6 burlap type. Free, you pay shipping cost. Card box. Purchased from ETSY for $70 USD. Price now $40 CND plus shipping. Dress. Purchased from Le Chateau, supposed to wear for reception but I lost weight and it didn't fit. Size Large, its a small large. $20 plus shipping. Book, tips for wedding. Free, you pay shipping cost. Flip flop jewels: Free, you pay shipping cost. I will take an
  10. Anyone else experiencing the post wedding hangover yet??? I'm trying to figure out what to do with all this "spare" time I have now that I'm not planning or looking at wedding blogs or this website. I think I'm going to have to rediscover my hobbies or find a new one.
  11. Congrats to all the new Mrs!!! We just got back from Costa Rica on Saturday night. We had the most amazing wedding day, I've never had such a great day, it truly was the happiest day of my life. Here are some of the pics from that day... I won't get my pro pics for a few weeks. All the other January brides look like they had beautiful weddings.
  12. I hope your familys feeling better, luckily I didn't spread my germs around so everyone else is healthy right now, fingers crossed no one gets sick! Good luck with getting everything done! I'm feel like there's not enough hours in the day, I have to work this week but I have Friday off to do hair and nails too.
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