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  1. it really is gorgeous! We did the huppa, I really loved the way it looks in the photos, but it probably would have been just as nice without. The ocean is so beautiful!
  2. Our ceremony was at 3:30 (we initially planned for 4 like Brenners, but then moved it up half an hour to try and get some more daylight for photos, the sun sets earlier in January). We started a few minutes late, as the coordinator forgot to pick up a few of our guests, and I refused to start until they were found (I would be choked if I came all this way for a wedding, and they forgot about me!). We didn't have any extra readings or sand stuff, so it was probably 20 minutes for our ceremony? We did the champagne,hugging, toasting thing, then group photos as well. We also did some brid
  3. We did Playa Azul ceremony, playa Palmarus reception. It was perfect. Private for the ceremony, the beach is deserted at night, so it was still private for the reception and close. I think there was a discussion about this a few pages back. Don't be afraid to use the search this thread function. I have pictures of both on my planning thread.
  4. They all wore Linen pants from Le Chateau. We did have them pressed (and hemmed) the day before at the resort (because some people didn't think they needed their pants hemmed when I mentioned it months before ). My FI and his best man did, I'm actually not sure if the other two had their pants pressed. If you hang them up once you get there, it's humid enough that you shouldn't need to. I had my dress packed in a suitcase, and I just hung it up and it was fine, I didn't need to get it steamed.
  5. This is a long a$$ post, I quoted quite a few people to help answer questions. Hope it helps! We did on the Monday night ( we arrived Saturday, wedding Thursday). It was a lot of fun! We had a "girls night" and all the girls that came surprised me and we went horseback riding on the beach, then we all went for supper at the French restaurant, and they got me a special cake, and the waiters came and sang a song to us (it's on facebook somewhere, so embarassing but fun!). After dinner (I think Dinner was at 9) we went to the Disco at the resort. It was really fun to just all spend
  6. and like someone said before - honestly your drink shouldn't be sitting around for hours - I hope you're getting refills!
  7. A few more photos from our fabulous photographer - Sascha Gluck! My review for him is here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/sascha-gluck-photographer/reviews/5672
  8. In my opion We used Playa Azul for the reception - it was perfect. It's far down the beach so you don't get as many gawkers. I saw lots of weddings at Playa Coral, and while the backdrop is gorgeous - it seemed very "in the middle of things". They would block off the sidewalk for brides to walk down the aisle, and you'd get a back log of people waiting, and walking by. You can still go take pictures on the rocks at Playa Coral after your ceremony, my sunset photo is there. During the evening, I found it was always busy at the Coral beach too - as its right beside the restaurants
  9. There is a JoP for the ceremony, and its $300. It is included in your total price, but you need cash to pay him. If you have a friend or family member that can do it, just let your coordinator know and you saved yourself $300.
  10. Playa Azul Playa Palmerus Playa Coral Are the three main beach locations. If you search this thread - you'll find lots of information and pictures about them. I found even googling them found lots of photos. If you look at my planning threat - there should be some photos of Playa Palmerus for the reception and Playa Azul for the ceremony.
  11. We had Carribbean, our guests LOVED it. We were half an hour late because of photos, and the buffet was almost empty, and there was a fair amount of food. It was nice, we had it on the palace balcony as the sun was going down, beautiful sunset, and was a nice time to mingle and such ( a little easier than sitting down at dinner). For us it was worth it. I know other brides just had a meeting point, and that worked well to (like the lobby bar etc.), it was nice having a spot just for us, our own bar, and music etc. Here are some of the Pro and family shots from up there. Just a
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