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  1. Sorry for the delay! I don't come on often enough anymore! He and I did meet up on the boat, in the main level bar, which was empty at 9 AM. One of my friends walked me down and dropped me off. I kind of did an appearance from behind a staircase/elevators and it was a little bit but not too dramatic :-) He and I got off the boat, found our transportation, went to the courthouse and did pictures together all before the ceremony. I LOVED spending that pre-wedding time with him. He's my best friend, who else would I want to spend my wedding morning with?! It was perfect for us. Good luck with the decisions ladies!
  2. I would have put more Dramamine! People kept running out and coming to me for more. They used the little fans a lot also. The ladies used the shawls constantly. I probably would have skipped the playing cards and the sunblock, it wasn't enough for a week and people brought their own. The shotglasses and picks were silly additions, but they meant a lot to us so I would do them again! I probably put a lot of extra stuff in there that everyone could have lived without, but people loved the bags and they were such a fun project to put together, especially with a small guest list like we had :-)
  3. Joanna, you did a beautiful job!! I used fabulousbrooch.com alot also. I never even thought to go to Charming Charlie's, but that is a great idea!!
  4. Joanna, you did a beautiful job!! I used fabulousbrooch.com alot also. I never even thought to go to Charming Charlie's, but that is a great idea!!
  5. I never did a price breakdown! It was about $100 for all the brooches, about $3/each. It was probably about $100 for all the rest of the supplies (real-touch roses, leaves, wire, tape, ribbon, photo charm). Considering they're $500-600 on Etsy, I saved myself a lot of money! But it was a big project.
  6. I made my appointment before getting on the ship. I called Carnival, who put me through to the spa management company, who put me through to three other people. I eventually got to the person who managed my ship's spa and made the appointment. Then I checked in with them the second I got on the boat to confirm appointments. Make them send you email confirmations and bring those emails! :-)
  7. Sign up for their emails on their website, they're constantly sending out promo emails with free stuff! You'll have to pay shipping. Sometimes, I would order duplicates in multiple orders so they'd all be free (such as t-shirts and hats, 1 free per order, pay shipping).
  8. my husband and his groomsmen wore bouts with short-sleeves and long-sleeves rolled-up. I guess it's all personal preference and what you think looks right! :-)
  9. Even if you just called cabs, it's not that far to the terminal, and would be much easier than dealing with the free shuttle. I guess it depends how many people you have... Just my opinion, it was a hot, stressful morning :-)
  10. This is hilarious, and I fell the exact same way about all of it. This kid I work with always calls his wife, "my wife," like I haven't met LAUREN 500 times. She has a name and an identity, dammit! I always call him out on it and he laughs, he knows its just a habit he's gotten into It took me forever to get used to calling him fiance. I dont think I was even used to it when we got married. I always said it with a french accent - accidentally to people I didn't know a few times too! LOL maybe you'll like this article: http://offbeatbride.com/2011/04/the-f-word
  11. Hey just FYI, the legs/arms aren't tattooed anymore. They're all silver now after the 2.0 drydock. The cabinet lounge is plush but a bit dark. The piano bar is a giant piano. Literally - all black and white, with a spinning piano in the middle. It's not bad, but it's definitely a piano bar. Plus it's a smoking lounge and not very private. The cabinet is probably the most private venue. You can bring your own photog if you want, you just have to sign a waiver. But I've seen and heard really good things about ships photogs, they usually do a good job, but the prices are high (probably not any higher than bringing your own). Good luck!
  12. Thanks, Koretta! Can't believe it's been three months. Crazy. I just met my friend's baby yesterday who was born the day after our wedding (she was supposed to be a bridesmaid but was a little bit busy LOL) and he's HUGE, so it made me realize how quickly three months have flown by!
  13. The big fancy font (the "Paradise" part on the cover, page titles and song lyric on the inside) is called Hawaii Lover :-)
  14. love it!! these are going to turn out awesome! absolutely love the second one better also, it just seems more balanced.
  15. Thank you! I hope you find a good one, it made dress shopping so much easier and more pleasant! good luck with your search!!
  16. Lots of choices! Can't wait to see your finished product, whatever you choose! I'm sure you could sell or use the envelopes, if you end up buying. Hopefully the printing will be affordable and you'll be back in track before you know it. You're still okay as far as timeline goes, so don't stress too much, lady! :-)
  17. Maybe you could use your own envelopes and paper to make attachment cards and just buy the magnets from them? You could probably sell the magnets to another DIY queen!
  18. We went with www.agiftfulheart.com. they weren't cheap but their quality and options were amazing. i know a lot of people use vistaprint and zazzle also. Good luck!!
  19. Some of the black folders were premade from envelopperinc: http://www.envelopperinc.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ENVLPR&Product_Code=FA3125 For the folders that needed to be just a little bigger, I just cut some cardstock and folded the bottom to make a pocket. I used the premade ones as a template. It was a trial and error kind of thing. The photo release form was for the cruising guests. If they bought photos from the ship's photographers throughout the week, they would need the release to make copies at walgreens or whatever. They didn't have to sign it, it was just for them if they wanted to make copies of pro pics at kinkos or something. Hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions!
  20. Thanks much! The door hangers are rack cards from Vistaprint, and I used a circle cutter to cut the hole and snipped the side so they'd fit over any door knob.
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