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  1. Those are absolutely beautiful!!!! You looked stunning.
  2. Oh and I would pay the extra to go to the Elegance rather than the Colonial. There is a big difference for not a lot extra. So go for it!
  3. Hi There! The food at the Majestic Elegance is far from terrible. I LOVED the food. I've stayed at several of the RIUs (DR, Jamaica, Aruba and Mexico) and the Majestic Elegance is just as good. One thing I liked better was that there were more specialty restaurants than the RIU and you didn't need a reservation for all of them, which was a bonus. I hated having to get up at 7:30 am at the RIU to book. Also, if you find one you really like you can go back again ... no limit. The only thing that is better at RIU is the buffet, but you will not eat at the buffet (only breakfast and lunch) at the ME only specialty restaurants because they are so good! Another bonus is that you will have no problem finding a spot to sit at the beach or pool. There was no reserving of chairs at the ME. I was stunned. You could sleep till 9 or 10 and still find a spot around the pool. That was fabulous! The pool is so neat too. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE RIU. Hence why I've been to so many. But the ME was great! I would go back in an instant. My guests loved it here. Let me know if you want any more details
  4. Everything looked beautiful!!! Congratulations ... glad your day was so special!
  5. I will be posting a full review and photos - as soon as I get our good pictures from our photographer. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Stay tuned Just know that Majestic Elegance was incredible. We loved every part of our week. I will post all of the details and answer all of your questions soon.
  6. I just got married two weeks ago. We had 40 people and had the semi-private dinner at the See and Sea (AMAZING). We were suppose to have private reception on the beach afterwards, but they were calling for rain so we had to make alternate arrangements (didn't end up raining). We ended up staying at the See and Sea all night and got to use our DJ for the whole thing - super awesome. It ended up working out way better than what I had planned. If had to do things on a smaller scale I would just do the dinner then go watch the show at the theatre (or sometimes the show is outside in the plaza ... you can gather a great big table and move your party there). Then at 11 go to the disco for your dancing. I saw some brides do this while we were there.
  7. Have an amazing trip and wedding day!!! Savour every moment
  8. We did it What an amazing week. Everything went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and the memories were unforgettable. I'm so sad it's over ... today was so hard. Enjoy every waking moment girls. It goes so fast!!!
  9. Well this is it ... we leave in the morning! Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies for your support and guidance over the past year. It's amazing how much you talk and anticipate it coming and then BAM ... it's here! I am so beyond excited. I don't think I will get one wink of sleep tonight! Wish me luck. I promise to be back to put up some photos and to see the rest of you May brides through your special day. Michelle
  10. Aw you guys look fabulous! I'm so glad to hear it was everything and more than your ever dreamed of.
  11. So exciting, you leave tomorrow!!!! Good luck with everything. Remember it is your day/week, so enjoy and don't worry about others. Have a blast!!!
  12. What is everyone doing for their something borrowed?
  13. Do you have bridesmaids who will have bouquets? I am using all of our bouquets as centrepieces. I bought vases and glued burlap and lace around them. I also am using mercury glass votives and tea light holders. I picked up double sided picture frames from Ikea and I'm going to have photos of us in black and white on one side and the other side "I Spy" sign for photo poses. I also am taking down my own place cards and menus.
  14. I'm filling out my DJ info form. Sorting out all of the special songs. For father/daughter, mother/son dances are you guys dancing for the full length of your songs? I want to do The Best Day (Taylor Swift), but it's 4 min 10 sec. Feel like it's a bit long ... but maybe I'm wrong. I'm just being conscientious of how little time we have for the party (8:30-11pm).
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