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  1. Hi Maria, I am currently playing with aylee's program and I am not sure what to include on the last pages. I have included travel with my planner, accomodations at the resort, the passport page, and the invite page opposite. What other information did you include in your passort invite? Her template says to print page 2 on the back of 3, however page 2 is the cover. Did you print anything else? Do you have pics of all the pages? Could you send them to my email? Or upload them? albertane98@hotmail.com Thanks for your help!!
  2. I can not seem to see your map. Are you able to email it to albertane98@hotmail.com I am gettimg married at Dreams Cancun on punta cancun. Is that where you were married?
  3. Thanks for sharing. I always wanted the passport invites, but they were very expensive. After reading your post I am inspired to now create my own passports. I was leaning toward boarding passes with all the help everyone on this site has given, but I am now going to check out aylee's website to go back to my original idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. Thank you for the template, the background colours are gorgeous! I am sure your guests will love them.
  5. these are very cute. I am also a Canadian Bride and I am working on templates for my invites. Would you be willing to share your template? Could you email me at albertane98@hotmail.com, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the vote of confidence in letting me know it is do-able over a short time.
  6. How did you make your monogram seal? I would like to say I know a lot about computers, but I can not manage to make anything like yours. What program did you use?
  7. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Please disregard my last post, I did find the template and download it. I am no going to try to download those fonts you mentioned. This is my favorite template, I am so happy to have bychance checked out this website and become a supporter. Everyone here has such helpful tips. Thanks again FINAL INVITE.pptx
  8. I can not locate the document to download. Where might I find it? Or can you email it? PM me if you can
  9. would you be able to email me the attachements? For some reason I am not allowed to download them. My email is albertane98@hotmail.com Thank you. Emily
  10. I do not see your file. Are you able to email it? albertane98@hotmail.com Your invitations are amazing and almost exactly what I wanted to create myself. Would you be willing to share your template?
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