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  1. Help a Future DR Bride - Post Your Favorite HDC Photo Pics Here!!!!!
  2. No I had flowers but I did them myself. I made them at home and brought them with me in my luggage.
  3. I wish they'd had them when I bought mine! I got mine at Party Packagers.
  4. I got them at a bed/bath/home store called Jysk. Not sure if you have one where you are. They were $1.25/ea! Originally we had them for 5 hours (Platinum Package). From 2-7. Our ceremony was at 2 and the dinner was at 7. So we were not going to have pictures of us getting ready, first dance, etc. But we added 4 hours on (at $150/hr!!!!) so in total that day we had 9hours and I was SO glad we did. We also did the TTD. In total we spent $1900. But pictures were really, really important to me and I am so happy with the outcome.
  5. They sat 8 people at each table with one sitting 9. I made all of our bouquets but one came with the Sand extravaganza package. The one I picked fit with the rest that I made so we used it as a toss bouquet. I don't know to be honest. Like I said above, the tables sit 8/9 people. I asked my husband and he thinks it would fit 50. Send a quick email to Yinette and ask would be my advice.
  6. Yes. I specifically asked for the terrace. But if it had rained, it would have been inside La Brasa. You can probably arrange that when you get down there though, if you'd like it on the terrace. I strongly recommend it depending on the size of your group - we had 34 people and it fit a nice sized dance floor also. I didn't do ANYTHING extra. Just whatever came with the package. Actually, I had to rent the sound system for the reception but that is it. I wanted everything cheap. The centrepieces are glass. I wrapped them individually in t-shirts and spread them between my luggage, my fia
  7. I didn't have a lot. I brought down 12 paper lanterns & the LED throwies, as well as my centrepieces & candles. One holder is bigger than the other and I brought two for each table (3 round tables; head table). Paper lanterns hung on the La Brasa Terrace.
  8. Ocean Blue & Sand-Punta Cana
  9. Nope but after he sent me the script, I sent him one back with all the changes/additions that I wanted and when he showed up the day of the wedding it was exactly what we wanted.
  10. The dinner was fine! There was a gorgeous breeze but it was still nice and warm out. It was the perfect weather - especially because we were all working up a sweat dancing. The ceremony was blistering hot though and most of the guests got sun-burnt. Once everything is confirmed and booked, you won't get any emails from them. But everytime I had a question about something, I got a response . I always got responses from Yinette (never emailed with Ada) - sometimes a week later, most of the time a day or two later. EVERYTHING worked out in the end!!!
  11. Yup, that's right. And for what it is worth - I booked my wedding a year in advance and booked the La Brasa Terrace for the reception because it's beachfront and I wanted to make sure I had it. Otherwise it is by the pool (if you have more than 50 guests, I believe) or La Tortuga (which is the indoors buffet). Yinette didn't give me any trouble when I asked for La Brasa that far in advance.
  12. We had the Sand Extravaganza and yes, it is an open bar for the cocktail hour. The regular stuff though - not the premium brands.
  13. He just did my ceremony last Thursday. I hadn't heard anything from him after the ceremony script was sent to me either and I was terrified he wasn't going to show up but he did. It all worked out.
  14. Just got home from my wedding week at Ocean Blue & Sand... The wedding was perfect! I'm so thrilled with the outcome! I hope that all you ladies feel the same when your day comes around..
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