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  1. I have the same menu options. You pick one of each and 2 main courses. Everyone has the same appetizer, soup and dessert. They have 2 options for the main course which you will chose.
  2. Good luck to all the ladies leavong soon!! Best of lucka dn hoep for a gorgeous day and wedding!
  3. Congrats Chanelo!!!! You were a stunning bride!!!! Happy to hear everything was perfect:) Where did you get the hearts for the chairs? Was the cake from the resort, it's was beautiful?
  4. the seller was Keren Smith , Heres her store link: http://www.etsy.com/people/mudcards Total with shipping to NY, USA $103 I place the order in Jan and it took about a month for her to make it.
  5. My custom cake topper was just shipped! I absolutely love it! The made my dress so perfectly my fiancé thinks it the coolest thing ever
  6. Hey ladies! For those who are using paper lanterns or have used them To decorate gazebo . What did you use to hang them? @ amurka how does the a la carte menu work? I upgraded to the gold menu because i wasnt too impresed wyth the silver menu but the gold is a little blah as well
  7. As my day approaches I am having a hard time with the reception time line. When to have the speeches,cut the cake , first dance , father daughte dance etc. Anyone cate to share their timelines so I can have a clue of what I'm doing!! Thanks!
  8. Safe travels to Chanelo!!! I wish you all the best on your big day!!!
  9. He finally emailed back and confirmed!!! He said they have Ben very busy with the church and weddings I can know relax !
  10. Omg thanks!!!!!! did he a least contact right before the ceremony? Just in case you had any changes?
  11. My wedding is in 2 1/2 months and Pastor York has not communicated withe since sept when I booked for Pastor Vandeline with him!!!!! He was unavailable but suggested his associate. He sent me the ceremony script and that's the last I've heard from him. I've emailed him 5 times and nothing! I'm am FREAKING OUT!!!!! Please someone tell me they have heard from him. It will comfort me to know hes busy and not bailing on me
  12. hey Selina! for both. I will have the rectangular one as the sweetheart table and the guest tables will be round
  13. Hey ladies! Do any of you know the sizes of the tables. I want to get some overlays for the tables. Jenny hasn't responsed Chanelo and amurka your day is coming!!! Yay!!! I'm nervous and I have 3 mths to go !
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