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as i near the end of my months of DIY-ing, i thought I would take some time to share the things i've made for my wedding. i can't thank the talented ladies on here enough for all the ideas and inspirations. i wouldn't have even thought of many of these items if it weren't for you. lol, it's also what started the madness! idea.gif


templates - i attached a couple of the templates that i used, mint matchbook, brochure and tears of joy packets (removed personalization but because i worked with adobe illustrator for most of the electronic things i covered it to a pdf but unless you have one of the prof. programs you can't edit it).  hopefully it helps some people.


bridesmaid bouquets - after going back and forth about parasols, resort's flowers, real touch, etc.etc. i found some really cute satin flower bouquets on esty. because they're too expensive w/ cost of shipping to canada i decided to atempt my own. i googled some instructions and even found some instructions here on BDW.


IMG_2511.JPGBridesmaid Bouquets


stir sticks - once again, eyeing something on etsy that i thought i could attempt myself. i picked up a bag of wooden stir sticks from the dollar store, picked some cardstock out of my scrapbooking bin then armed with my Big Shot & hot glue gun, I went  to work.


diy stir sticks



mint / candy matchbooks - saw some ladies post some here on BDW and borrowed the idea. did 2 kind - tropical for the DW and chinese for my AHR reception. i've included the template. they're pretty easy to do. just cut into 2" x 6" strips.




mint / candy matchbooks



thank you, shoes optional and mr. & mrs. signs - this is getting embarrassing, but again i saw some "shabby / cottage" signs on etsy and decided to atempt my own. i just picked up a crackle paint kit from michaels (with coupon of course) and acrylic paint and wood pieces from the dollar store and michaels. i printed the letters out on card stock, cut them out and traced them on to the wood after doing the crackle process. the thank you signs are photo ops for our thank you cards after the wedding. i still have to nail the base to the mr. & mrs. so will sit on our sweetheart table and i've gotta see how i'd want to stand the shoe sign. 


thank you signmr. + mrs. sign




luminaire / centerpieces - i wanted some sort of luminaire so bought a pack of vellum from staples, printed them with the same design as my invites. bringing some double-sided tape with me. bought some flickering battery operated tea lights from dollar store. will probably add some decorate stones or something around them. i don't want to bring too much stuff down there.


luminairelit luminaire



tears of joy packets - i saw some ladies here make them but i didn't need so many of the glassine envelopes sold on ebay so with the leftover vellum, i printed the pattern i wanted and cut it in 1/2 (originally 8.5 x 11), glued the edges with a glue roller and put a couple of pieces of a kleenex packet into it. 


tears of joy packets



pre-travel brouchure - i never even thought about sending something like this out until i found BDW! it makes perfect sense to send out info but i never thought of a brochure-type format.




vow cards - i saw a fellow BDW bride made vow cards and loved the idea. since i had the same machine(s), i figure why not?


vow cards



AHR card box - after seeing the boxes available at michaels and the beautiful but out of my budget boxes on etsy i decided to once again take it upon myself to make one. i went to the fabric store, picked up some satin and some jewel embelishments. to decorate, i made some more of those satin flowers.     card box   photobooth props - i'll be having a photobooth type area at my AHR and wanted some props. one of which i really wanted were mustaches. i found some online that can be stuck on you face. i put one pack on to hard cardboard backing and sewer sticks, and left the other in case some people wanted it taped to their face. this week i'll make some bow ties an ties out of felt. i'll be rummaging around for other props. dollar store (again) here i come!   propsmustache     sand ceremony frame - i knew i wanted to have a sand ceremony and really liked the idea of incorporating it with a picture frame. i searched for specific sand ceremony frames and didn't really find anything on the market. many BDW ladies here mentioned something about gluing one together so after some reading through the pages here, I ordered a frame and flora bond on amazon. i still have to figure out how much sand will actually fill it but need to get myself a good funnel first and don't have a pic but here are the instructions i followed, they're very clear on how to do it.    http://forums.weddingbells.ca/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1733695&page=1      that's it for now. hopefully this helps give someone some new ideas! there'll probably be more little knick-knacks in the next couple of weeks but i think these are the big things.   happy planning~~~    cheers.gif














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Great ideas Rose! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that browses through Etsy and decides to do stuff on their own.


Do you have a link for the satin rose tutorial?

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Awesome!  I still have another month or so of DIYing.  Seems like there is always something to do.

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Ladies - I have been looking for a website to use to gather photos for the bachelorette, shower and wedding.  I looked at http://www.theweddinglens.com/ and originally I thought that would be great, except, the price!  The package I want is $10/month - which is fine, but you have to sign up for 24 months = $240.  Does anyone else know of a good website for sharing & organizing wedding photos.  They would have to allow for full resolution uploads.


A previous destination wedding experience, trying to get photos from everyone was a big hassle for the bride, so I vowed I would have something better in place. 



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