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  1. Ladies - I have been looking for a website to use to gather photos for the bachelorette, shower and wedding. I looked at http://www.theweddinglens.com/ and originally I thought that would be great, except, the price! The package I want is $10/month - which is fine, but you have to sign up for 24 months = $240. Does anyone else know of a good website for sharing & organizing wedding photos. They would have to allow for full resolution uploads. A previous destination wedding experience, trying to get photos from everyone was a big hassle for the bride, so I vowed I would have something better in place. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF A BETTER/CHEAPER website.
  2. Next on my list is shapewear. My dress is see-through in parts of the mid-section so I need the absolute best. It would have to be nude and super tight and thin material. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have checked the brands online, but have not tried any out for myself.
  3. We plan on renting a catamaran as well. Only this is for the rehearsal dinner as a way of saying Thank-you to our guests. I was going to wait until I was able to talk to my wedding coordinator and get her reccomendations. I was hoping to pay around $2000 for about 35 ppl. I may be crazy though!
  4. I too am nervous about flights and it seems the prices have risen around the holidays. Someone suggested yapta.com, I am on this too and it tracks the price of your flight by day. This is extremely helpful for determining if you are getting a good deal or not by looking at the price range over the last few months. I would recommend everyone using this website and suggesting to their guests as well. I got a group rate from American Airlines which gives all my guests a 5% discount if they use AA. Just call the airline and find out all the details. Most airlines do have some kind of group discount program so it doesn't hurt to make a phone call and check. Happy 2011 ladies! The first half is going to fly by!
  5. Cherazi- My guys are wearing tan linen pants and white collared shirts with brown flip flops. My Fiance is wearing white linen pants and a sky blue shirt (he has the linen coat to match, but he refuses to wear it other than for pictures.) My guys are all stoked since this is the least formal of any wedding they have been in! It's nice to hear them rant and rave! I got the pants at Banana Republic and shirts at Dillards. On alterations my bridal store said 2 months prior. I am going to call the lady I want to go to just to double check. She is the best in town, so I know she is going to be super busy during that time.
  6. Thanks ladies for the quotes on real touch!
  7. Hi Ladies! I haven't been on for awhile, so I thought I would share updates..... Just to add to the list I am getting married at Isla Mujeres Palace on May 28th, 2011. I try my dress on this Saturday! So excited even though I am not sure it is going to fit. I was a few pounds lighter when I tried on my dress. LOL My latest mission is finding shoes. I am in love with the Benjamin Adams Charlize, google them! They are so expensive though! Where is everyone looking for shoes at? Since there are not many options where I live people have told me to buy a couple pairs online and just send the loser back since many places are doing free shipping both ways. I also found lots of options on Piperlime but I can't get the Charlize out of my head! Also, the Realtouch flowers look great! How much do the bouquets typically run? The flowers through my resort are super expensive.
  8. The rating on trip advisor keep getting better and better! IMP is ranked #4 now! So excited.
  9. Hi Ladies..... It's been a while, so I thought it was time for an update. I choose to do the sole-less sandals as well. I thought this would be a good option because 1) super cheap & easy to make 2) some of my bm's like flats and some like high-heels. This way they can all match for the ceremony and can wear their choice of shoes for the reception. Someone made a good point about the sand being hot....I didn't think about that!!!! Not sure how I will handle this..... For favors I decided on a message in a bottle. I am going to get a big bucket of sand from the beach, pick up shells, beach glass, etc. and have everyone fill up their own little message in a bottle. I will have some sort of love poem already in the bottle. Loving everyone's ideas! Erin & Nate 5/28/11
  10. I am hoping to host a sunset cruise for the rehearsal dinner. Could anyone recommend any certain company? We will have about 40 ppl. and it will be a pretty lively group.
  11. Since I haven't contributed much I thought I would sure my wedding website. It has been very helpful thus far since not many of my guests have been bugging me about questions. Check it out if you want!  http://www.mywedding.com/apps/public/mysite/private.php?s=nateerin&r=%2Fnateerin%2F  The password is: soinlove  Feel free to use my ideas or give me helpful hints!
  12. I am still out here and looking for other Isla Mujeres Palace brides! Just wanted to check-in in case there are others out there. Does everyone know they will be changing to an adults only resort? My fiance is thrilled, but I really didn't care either way.
  13. Hola May 2011 Brides, I am booked at the Isla Mujeres Palace in Mexico. Wedding is 5/28/11. Got the STD's and the website is almost complete. Should be ready to send out by next week. I am very impressed with how many people some of you have booked already! I am hoping my guests will be just as eager. Can't wait to hear everyone's updates! Happy Planning!
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