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  1. AWWWW that sucks Laura But I'm sure the food was RAD! yummmmm
  2. LUA...Can I come???? wow....the thought of home made perogies and cabbage rolls is making me SO hungry
  3. omigosh....it's an OLD version of photoshop...maybe about 7 yrs old? I'm not sure what version it actually is. SORRY!
  4. I think smore's are a fab idea. we gave away 2 flavours of gourmet marshmallows. but Lua, i don't think it's bad that you're not giving anything away you are putting on the party after all. our AHR was super relaxed....kind of like a garden cocktail party, lots of food, white wine sangria, beer, dessert, music a la ipod play list and 2 speeches (a roast to the groom which is a family tradition and us thanking everyone for coming) that lasted all of 5 min. we definitely wanted to stay from a "reception" feel.
  5. Do you have a photo with it on your hand? I'd love to see it on. i love it.
  6. Thanks again the more tulle the better - wish I had more. i was thinking even plain muslin along with tulle would work nicely as well!
  7. Thanks!!! It was simple and I had loads of paper left that I wanted to use up. I had about 70 people. We didn't assign seating at all. there was no formal schedule - more like a garden/cocktail party. There were 2 speeches that lasted all of 5 min!
  8. HAHAHHAHA WELL...let me tell you ...make sure you have a good sturdy ladder and a few caribbeaners for the top of the tent. we ended up using a table and a ladder on top of the table. probably not the smartest but it was the only way we could do it. A regular ladder wasn't tall enough so we had to improvise. the tulle was actually really easy, we bought the large tulle packages from michaels and didn't have to cut any of the pieces strung length wise. we fed the tulle thru the caribbeaners so there were no knots. Super easy to clean up that way. All the other pieces of tulle were draped over t
  9. we gave 2 gourmet marshmallows wrapped in fancy lil bags (raspberry & lemon) as well as the reusable bags we had made for our OOT bags. people loved them!
  10. I don't have many photos yet of our AHR but this is what we did to display our photos you can see our dessert table (sort of)
  11. If you're using choc cake mix. add in some choc pudding and an extra egg - they will be super moist and delicious!
  12. Thanks for all the compliments, ladies. and yes GO CANUCKS!!!!! Everytime I see your pictures, megan I think....DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYNG you looked amazing!
  13. Here's a photo from our AHR. This is the only one I have at the moment!
  14. I had 3 types of gourmet marshmallows (raspberry, lemon and toasted coconut) various flavours of macarons 2 different types of cupcakes rumballs dutch almond squares apple pies butter tarts date squares I think that's it. I can't really remember. I'm sort of wiped! lol
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