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  1. I turned 50 a few days before my wedding and I wore a long traditional ivory lace dress by maggie Sottero (also a 2nd marriage for the both of us). I say wear what you want. Especially for a DW anything goes! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  2. I used Marcia Roberts she was fantastic, I highy recommend her. She did not charge per hour she was there for us as long as we needed her. We had a 500vendor fee and she took that into consideration when quoting us the amount. She captured all the little moments. We received all photos she took on a disc plus a montage with music on other cd. It took about. 3 weeks to receive the discs once we got home. I had contacted a few photographers and she phoned me the next day I was impressed with that since I waited days for the other reponses
  3. I agree with Wendyjd and MrsDeLoatch, I also had Marcia Roberts and her assistant. They were amazing to work with. My pictures should be arriving any day now according to the tracking number!
  4. Thank you and they travelled so well I just throw my bouquet in the bottom of my dress bag! I highly recomment using Real Touch Flowers
  5. wow Lisa, you did an amazing job. Your pictures are amazing and to have the resort for just you and your guests is also amazing, what wonderful memories.
  6. I just got married at Couples Sans Souci on July 8 on the beach. We were married at 10AM. I dont have my pictures yet. But the day was beautiful and hot. I will be writing a full review on the Couples forum, but if you have any ? you can email me at christine_henry@rogers.com
  7. I picked up my real touch flowers on the saturday here are some pics. I bought 1 brides, MOH bouquet, BM bouquet, 3 boutineers (shown), 2 wrist corsages (1 Shown). 3 orchid hair flowers, and some loose flowers for the cake. I highly recomment Enchanting Memories in Hamilton Ontario. www.enchantingmemoriesstore.com
  8. OH NO that is so unfair. I would be livid. But it will still be beautiful you are in paradise.
  9. These are my real touch flowerrs I received from Enchanting Memories. I just loved them. I highly recommend using them. Debbie and Pat were great to work with and very accomodating. I meet with Debbie sometime last winter just to view the actual flowers and see some of her work. I was very impressed and ordered my flowers on the spot. They are very easy to get a hold of and return my emails promptly. If I had to rate their service and quality of work out of 10 I would give them a 10 plus plus plus! I received 1 brides bouquet, 1 MOH, 1 BM , 3 boutineers, 2 wrist corsages, 3 hair flowers, loose flowers for the cake. I just postedt a few here. here is their email address www.enchantingmemoriesstore.com
  10. We are getting married at Couples Sans Souci, and I did not need the long form. Just the wallet size was okay. My documents have already been sent and approved. I would contact the resort you are getting married at and confirm with them!
  11. Ashley - love your flower for your hair. I will be having an orchid (real touch), but I still have not picked up my flowers yet. The florist moved and promised that my flowers will be ready to be picked up this weekend. I am not to concerned but a little panic has set in lol. I was alone yesterday so I played with my hair and have decided to wear a low side pony. This way its still kinda down (FI wants my hair down) and it is still off my neck so I don't sweat to death. Proti007 - love the style you chose for your hair!
  12. Ashley - I have been going all over the place with my hair. I would like to wear it up because its going to be so hot. but I like the look of itdown in the pictures in the water. I can't afford to have the photographer come the next day, so I will take a few pictures after the wedding. So I was thinking of having it half up and half down, but the other day I was wearing my hair like that and sweating lol So now I am thinking pony to the side. I really need to start playing with it since the wedding is really soon. When do you leave. We are flying AirCanadaVacations on Sunday July 3
  13. as of today I leave in 20 days and get married in 25 days. I agree its coming really fast!
  14. they look really good you did an amazing job!
  15. My dress finally arrived 2 days ago, just in time for my alterations appointment on sunday. I can relax a little now, but worried it wont fit!
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