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  1. hi sorry for the late reply. they've been sold a long time ago, i purchased them here originally: http://www.thebridesbouquet.com/
  2. hi everyone, i did take my pictures down. sorry about that. Send me a PM.
  3. i had a friend get married the same week as me and did not do a private dinner like i did. she had her wedding dinner in the italian restaurant and also did the bonfire after and at the bonfire she did her cake cutting and speeches and first dance and i thought it worked out really well! the bonfire is very private - only your group will be there.
  4. everything looks gorgeous! so happy it all worked out!
  5. sometimes she got back to me within a day, sometimes over a week went by - usually when a week had passed, i would email her again and she got back to me right away. Calling her is a good idea like Maygan said.
  6. thanks! i can't remember the name of the store! it was just a small jewelry store that sold a lot of swarovski stuff.
  7. thanks! i would love to see pics from other Jenna brides on here to answer your question, the bling is made up of swarovski crystal and pearls. i ended up wearing bling dangling earrings made of swarovski crystals and my veil had a swarovski crystal edge.
  8. I wore this dress for only a few hours for my “Trash the Dress†photo shoot on the beach in Jamaica. The dress did not actually get trashed at all, just wet! I washed it (delicate cold wash cycle and hung to dry) and it came out like new! It is a light weight, sexy, dress – perfect for a TTD, especially if you don’t want to ruin your real wedding dress (which is why I bought it!). Or if you are just looking for a simple, inexpensive dress for your wedding (beach or other), this dress is perfect! I bought this dress brand new for $175 and am selling it for $95! The dress com
  9. hmm, thanks for the replies. Oddly though i remembered i knew someone else, younger than me, who got married in Jamaica last year and she said her certificate says "single" for both her and her husband!! oh well. i've almost completely forgotten about it now!
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