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  1. Thank you so much ladies ...your all so sweet ! I needed to hear some honest feedback so thank you again !! I did book an appointment for tomorrow to go and try on the dress at the salon I bought it at with 2 of my best friends. Hopefully once I have it on again my nerves will calm down
  2. I tried to post a picture earlier today but it said because I am new it needed to be reviewed first. Hopefully I can show you guys soon
  3. Ok heres the dress. Now the dress I have on here is 2 sizes too big so its all clamped in the back. What do you ladies think? We decided no veil just flowers in the hair.
  4. Oh man i dunno what to do. Since the day I bought the dress I have been thinking that maybe I made the wrong choice. I keep telling myself that I tried on a lot of dresses and there were only 2 that gave me the wow and I bought one of them. Im worried about the shape of the dress. I really love a drop waist on a dress but was having a hard time finding a dress where it didnt fall too low on me bc Im only 5 feet tall. This one looked good ! But now Im worried that its still going to make me look stumpy and that I should have stuck with an A line dress ! I feel like I should go
  5. I am just starting to plan my invites and I dont know how to even begin. I have looked at a hundred websites and decided I like the boarding pass style. I need rec's on cost effective people who can design these for me as I only need 40. Any one who can rec where they got theirs done would be great !!! TIA
  6. JLMS thats the day we were planning for ! LOL I guess I'll be seeing you that week
  7. Thanks so much for posting your review. Im just in the final stages of booking my date and I would love to see your pictures ! Did you use the resort photographer? Did you plan things with the resort wedding coordinator when you got there or did you do everything via email before the trip ? Thank you for any info you can help me with. Im feeling really over whelmed trying to understand all the pkgs. My email is julia.marlow1@gmail.com
  8. Hey everyone. Im new to this site Were thinking of having our wedding at Sandos hopefully this Nov 2011 or Feb 2012. Theres so much info through these pages , its hard to find the answeres your looking for lol Does anyone have any photographer recs? I love Elizabeth Medina but $4800 is WAAAYYY over our budget ! Its so hard to pick a resort....and our wedding planner hasnt gotten back to us with available dates for 3 days now. I think everything works on Mexico time....Im not that patient LOL
  9. Everything I wanted and more !

    Pros: Communication, value, artistic, quality,
    It was a daunting task finding a photographer in PV Mexico all the way from Canada but once I saw Eva and Pierres photos I knew I had found my match.   Pierre was great at answering all my questions and emails fast and even answering questions that werent photography related :)   The day of the wedding Eva and Pierre were right on time and came right to my hotel room to start taking pictures of us all getting ready. Once I saw them start working I knew I was going to LOVE my pictures
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