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  1. Nicky47846 - Congrats on your upcoming wedding at CSA!!! I can't wait to hear how your wedding goes! I'm sure it will be perfect!! Mrs. LowUFO - WOW! Your pictures are beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Did both of you guys go on the MB on the Couples website?? I just can't stay away...even when I've read everything I think I can read I still keep going back! I'm going to drive myself crazy before May gets here!!!
  2. Congrats!!!!! I really wish we could afford to go to all 4 resorts and take a month off of work, but that's not going to happen! LOL...I'm hoping we get to visit all 4 resorts multiple times though...What time in the day did you get married? We are thinking 10am...how was the weather? Did you guys go in the beginning, middle or end of may? We are planning on May 7-14, 2012. I'M SUPER EXCITED...I just can't keep away from the couples website! LOL
  3. I'm about to reserve Couples Sans Souci for my May 2012 wedding...just wondering if there are any other Couples brides on the forum? I've been stalking both BDW and the Couples forums for weeks now...May seems like its such a long time away!! I CANT WAIT!!!!! If you're a Couples bride - Which resort are you getting married at and when?!?!?!
  4. GREAT PICTURES!!!! What a great idea...I love the pin up theme!!!!
  5. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I don't have any advice...just wanted to say congrats!
  6. I too am interested in how the pictures for both Merrick Cousley and Alain Hottat turned out...CONGRATS on your wedding
  7. Ems1983


    Congrats on your engagement! I know what you mean...I'm a stalker on BDW...and I've been engaged for a little over a week and I've already got my dress!!!!!! LOL...I am such a planner and already want to book my resort and location and I'm dying to grill the wedding coordinator! I just want more reviews of the resort we are seriously considering before we book it! Congrats again!!
  8. I would also like to know if any brides have gotten married at Breezes Runaway Bay anytime recently....
  9. I think your photo's turned out great!! Good job on the DIY!!!!
  10. Congrats!!! I love your pictures...you were absolutely beautiful on your day!! I loved looking at your pictures...it's going to be just my fiancee and I at our wedding and I was wondering how I would get ready, how the ceremony site might look and everything else with it just being us two. Looking at your pictures gave me great inspiration!!
  11. Ems1983

    2012 Newbie =)

    THANKS Ladies! =)
  12. Ems1983

    2012 Newbie =)

    HI! My Fiancee and I just got engaged...we are planning a Destination Wedding for May 2012 in Jamaica. I'm so glad I found this site - seems like a great place to get information for planning our Destination Wedding!!
  13. I too want to hear from anyone who recently got married at BRB...I'm planning my wedding for May 2012 at BRB and would love to hear feedback from anyone!!!!
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