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  1. Have you seen the package information? On the website or even through google you can find the prices and what's included in each package. This tells you how much extra the arches and bouquets are. Google strawberry passion package barcelo maya 2011 or something and you should find it (it might change by 2012). Also the wedding coordinator should be able to provide you this. Please let me know if you have trouble finding it, I have it somewhere.
  2. I did pay extra for the BM bouquets as well as the centerpieces. They have many options for you to choose from with many different price points. Choosing the bouquets and centerpieces will be one of the "steps" Lillian has you complete through email. I know it can take awhile to get the emails back, but it's worth the wait. Don't worry, she'll make sure everything is in order. I didn't even choose my centerpieces until I got there. The meeting was very quick and painless.
  3. Hey I don't remember her name, but it was at the spa. She did a great job. I met Lillian and she was absolutely great. Don't worry, everything will come together. I even asked for a golf cart to take me from the spa to my room and they arranged it for me so I didn't have to sweat.
  4. I'm pretty sure they just tell you to sign your maiden name because it has nothing to do with changing your name-- the guy was very helpful in the moment, he just said, sign as it says on your passport (and of course my passport was my maiden name). I don't think the marriage licence has anythign to do with changing your name, that's something you would do later, which means you just have to sign with your legal name at the time.
  5. Haha thanks for the advice about the clean house-- I honestly believe he doesnt clean up after himself not because he's a jerk but it just doesn't register in his brain!! I've definitely talked to him before, but it just never crosses his brain that as his food is cooking he could quickly put the ingredients away...so I don't know if it will ever change!! It's just how he is, and I love him anway, I just worry about how we are going to keep up with us plus kids!!
  6. I also confess that when I'm in a store and the announcement comes on for security to scan a certain area, I get really nervous even though I've done nothing wrong!
  7. I confess that I think that I am growing out of one of my friends. We have been friends for quite some time and have had some really fun times together, but I feel like our interests are becoming quite different. For example, for Canada day, she wanted us all to go to the big park to get drunk, where the whole town will be. I remember doing that when I was in high school. Plus, I'm a teacher now so I'd be fired if I did crap like that. These days Id rather stay home with my husband or have friends over for some drinks and conversation (which is what I ended up doing anyway, and which my friend left after 5 minutes and called us all lame). I am newly married, just started my career, and I just don't have interest in doing what she wants to do (and this started before I was married, it's not like I just suddenly became "lame" now that I'm married) lol. She hasn't done anything with her life and parties pretty much every day. I feel bad, but I really dont see our friendship lasting much longer. One night I was super tired from work and told her I couldn't make it out so she made some comment about me wearing "granny panties" and that I was lame. I also confess that I probably won't tell her, I'll just stop hanging out with her. I also confess that I just got home from work and got really upset with my husband because he was sleeping on the couch (and once he's asleep there's no waking him up), and the one hour between me getting home and the time we had to go to bed was going to be pretty much the only hour we got to spend time together all week. After getting mad, I realized that the reason he is so exhausted is because he has been working SO incredibly much (double shifts, etc) because his employees suck. Then I started cleaning up and found a package of cold medication tea sitting on the counter and remembered that not only has he been overworked lately, but also has a cold. What a great wife I am, hey?? So now I feel awful about it but I REALLY want to hang out with him!! Darn our complete opposite shifts!!! I'll just have to wait until the next hour we get together and make it up to him (though I GUARANTEE he won't remember me bugging him when he wakes up tomorrow because he barely woke up when I was talking to him). My last confession is that when I think about the future it stresses me out beyond belief that I dont think we will ever be in a place where I can come home from work and not clean. Even after cleaning for 5 hours the other day, I get home from work and the house is just TRASHED, and we both work a lot!! I don't have any idea how it gets like this so fast, and it stresses me out beyond belief. The worst part is, it's just the two of us-- what will happen when we have kids??? It feels so pointless to even clean because it just gets messed up before I have the chance to enjoy a clean house!!
  8. We actually had our massage done at the spa there, which I think is on the colonial. They didnt give us the option to have it on the beach and to be honest, I was totally happy with the air conditioned spa and the lovely atmosphere they set for it!!
  9. C'mon people I want more stories!! I enjoy reading them a lot more now that my wedding is over and they won't scare me! Nothing really crazy happened at mine...we were taking photographs on rocks and as I stepped down my foot went in a hole and scraped my foot so it started bleeding. Everyone rushed to help me but I kept saying 'Im fine I just don't want any blood on my dress!'
  10. Our reception was in a beach grill so we just had the dance floor in the middle of the tables.
  11. Nice work choeft201!!!! Its so nice to see hard work paying off. I definitely gained more than a few pounds on our 14 day all inclusive trip!! I went a little crazy! But like you, it's time for me to get back to work!!
  12. Im very glad we saved the money on the dj. I had 3 playlists...one for dinner which was mexican music... one with one song for first dance and one for party music. I delegated my BIL to change it over and it worked out great. I don't know if my guests even noticed.
  13. What I learned was that people really do believe that a DW wedding is super cheap. I can't count how many people said that to me! I also learned people think planning a DW is super easy!! Ok maybe more so than an at home wedding but when you have a guest list of people who have never travelled before and you have to hold their hand through the whole booking and travelling it becomes a lot of extra work. I learned that peopl view a dw as a very non traditional wedding where they don't have to follow any of the same rules. For instance we received a total of 2 rsvps. Good thing I spent so much on international stamps for the return envelope. I had no idea how many oot bags to make or favors to make. That's just rude. I learned that relationships will be changed for good or bad and you really get to see who your true loved ones are. I learned that even though your rehearsal dinner can be totally and utterly ruined, nothing matters except me and my new husband and our new future together (living far from the people who ruined th dinner).
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