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  1. We had our wedding at the Suites. We flew out of Toronto January 5, and returned January 12, 2012 and paid $1680 return. I feverishly researched prices before choosing a date. I tried to make it as cost effective as possible. I originally wanted November, but it was more expensive at the time we committed to a date.
  2. I was just married at the Suites in January. The officiant is a minister. The person officiating the ceremony is the same regardless of whether you have a legal or symbolic ceremony. He wears a suit. No collar as he is not a priest. The difference is the ceremony script. The ceremonies can have as much or as little reference to god as would suit your needs. You can even bring your own script if you prefer. If you want a particular religious aspect, I would think they can accomodate (aka breaking a glass at the end or mention of certain traditions etc). However, you should ask. If you want a priest, rabbi, or other type of officiant that is associated with a particular faith, you would likely have to bring your own from home, or try to find one on the island (which may have vendor fees associated with it). Hope that helps. If you want
  3. Thank you - the video trailer waas more than we could have expected, and worth the money for us. We are excited to see the final product. I am still waiting on my photographer to get me the pictures (she took over 5000 pictures so it is taking some time to go through them) so that I can get the post wedding review/planning thread finished.
  4. I'm no expert on Mexican weddings, but my understanding is that they require blood work and other formalities before you can get married there. Are you only planning on doing a sand ceremony? Is there a legal ceremony? Do you require an officiant? Do you need certain documents? If they have another bride booked that day/place, it might be an issue. I would personally clear it with the hotel, but that could just be the Type A personality speaking. It wouldn't be difficult, and you could still have that carefree wedding you are craving.
  5. We were bad, and just put them in our luggage, knowing that it might get taken away. We got it form the dollar store and took our chances. Luckily, nothing happened. I don't know where you would be able to buy them in Jamaica. I would try asking Tai Flora (although their prices may be high)
  6. Our guests paid $1680 taxes included to stay at the Suites from January 5, 2012-January 12, 2012. It was the best price I was able to find, but one of the factors on picking a specific date was based on prices, trying to make it the most affordable.
  7. The bonfire is right on the beach. it is next to the pool bar. The pool bar is typically closed at night, but they open it for the bonfire. The bar is included for I believe 15 guests, and then there is a cost per person for each additional guest. The nearest bar otherwise is in the lobby, and it would be inconvenient for the guests to go, and I imagine most wouldn't. Although it may be possible to tip a staff member to bring some drinks, I don't know how many they would be willing to bring, and how often. I would recommend that you rent the bar if only for one hour. The underwater shots were right off the beach at the hotel. Even the beginning of the video is the water right next to the hotel. It wasn't stock footage. The videographers took it upon themselves to go snorkling with the camera for the footage. As far as the boat, it's the free catamaran rental. They really went above and beyond what we could have expected. To be honest, when we were in the water, we never thought the video would end up as clear as it did.
  8. Thank you both so much. We are really happy with it. There may be a local videographer that does the same work, however, we really only knew of maybe two of videographers in Jamaica. We found them in the vendor review section of BDW.
  9. Hi everyone, I am still waiting on some of my professional pictures before I do my review, but I did just receive my wedding trailer from Lovestruck films. http://vimeo.com/35780298 I hope to have a full review soon.
  10. Hi everyone. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I had a lot to do at work after we returned from the honeymoon. We got married at the IRHS on January 9, 2012. It was beautiful. There were hiccups. I will proivde a full review when I get pictures from the photographer (I think it works best that way) but am happy to answer any questions people have. We had a rehearsal dinner at Aunt Rubys and bonfire the night before, and a beach wedding with cocktails at the Moon Dance Walk (Jazz Bar) and reception at the Cabalash.
  11. The disco had AC. That said, like any club with a lot of people dancing, it gets hot. I changed into my TTD dress.
  12. A big factor in pricing is timing, and where you are coming from. In Canada for example, because universities/colleges start to get out in at the end of April when they finish exams, prices start to increase with the influx of travellers. Obviously, airfaire will vary depending on what State/Province/Country you live in. However, a good indication of the 2013 price is to look at the comparable 2012 price for the same date. While no guarantee, is should take into account all the random date increases (long weekends, spring break etc). I went to the Suites in April two years ago from Toronto, it cost approximately $1700.00 for one week and is similar to the price my group is paying for our wedding week (we leave in 6 days eek). I know the summer months can be cheaper because it is the "off season", but otherwise what you saw for 2012 is pretty consistant. That said, it is possible to get a deal. It just takes time and a lot of patience to find the best rate, and be flexibe on dates.
  13. All the cakes have different designs. Do you get to pick or are you just surprised the day of?
  14. How were the appetizers? Which package did you get? Would you recommend it?
  15. Everything looks beautiful. You must be so happy. Anything future brides should be mindful of?
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