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  1. Not sure why my photos aren't posting! Here they are:
  2. This dress was a good bit over my budget...but I just had to have it! I promised myself that I would try to sell it after the fact so someone else could enjoy it as much as me (and also to justify the splurge ) I paid $1700 and it is a size 2. I am 5'6" and wore 2 inch heels and the length was great. There were two bustles added for the lace over-layer and also the underneath layer. Here are some pictures, but let me know if you would like to see more! I am asking $1000 plus the cost of shipping. I will also include the veil and garmet bag for no extra cost- the veil was just a simple
  3. Hi Ladies, I loved my bouquet from bloom bridal, but now don't really have anywhere to store it! It was very easy to travel with and nice and light. Original cost was $110 plus shipping, I am asking $50 plus the cost of shipping.
  4. Hi Subbi, Shipping is included in the $20 for the bags. Send me a PM if you would like them!
  5. Hey ladies, These bags are still available- and I should have mentioned the $20 will include shipping (within the US).
  6. Here are some more photos of the bags, the dimensions are 10 x 12.5"
  7. Yes, they are still available! I'll get you some pictures of them opened to you later tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  8. Those are really pretty! I'm using those same colors and getting married just an island over on St John Have a wonderful wedding!
  9. So sorry for the delay, I finally measured the bags! The dimensions are actually 12.5 x 10 inches.
  10. Thanks so much for sharing, everything looks absolutely wonderful!! Your DIY projects turned out great- and so professional looking!! Have a wonderful wedding and congrats
  11. I believe they are somewhere around 8" x 10", maybe a tad bigger, but I will measure them when I get home and let you know!
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