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A very touching experience

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I think it's partially because I'm getting so close to my wedding, work is making me a basket case and I had just come from a 2hr laser hair removal session (ouch!) but I was so touched by something I witnessed at the grocery store today that by the time I got out to the car I was in tears!


I was at one of those self bag grocery stores bagging up my groceries (you know where it's like a race to cram all your stuff into bags/boxes while the cashier rings through the next customer) and there was a very elderly man behind me, who very much reminded me of my grandfather. He was struggling a bit with a basket full of groceries, then struggled to pay by debit and get all the groceries into bags.


I wanted to help him but the cashier kept rushing me by moving the belt ahead and jamming all my groceries up to the end. Once he got all his groceries packed up, he then walked over to the Food Bank donation box and drop all of the bags in.


I watched him walk down the side walk empty handed and so wanted to tell him what an incredible thing it was that he just did.


It's so nice to see that people like that still exist in this world.


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