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Bought MY dress!

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Ok so after thinking I was ready to buy the "perfect" dress after trying on about 10 at one place...I decided I should go to a couple other places this past Sat just to make sure. Well the first place was a bust, on to the second place. I tried on 12 dresses, and not one of them compared to the one I thought I was going to buy. Until I tried on the last one (btw, I was not crazy about it on the hanger) and OMG!! We all fell in love with it. It looks completely different than the original one. Best part is, it is discontinued and like 80% off the orginal price. I decided I wanted it, good thing because there was a girl who had tried it on earlier, she wanted it, but her mom wanted her to try on other dresses! Yikes! Mind you the dress is a few sizes too big right now.

Hopefully, my pics are shown below!


Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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