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  1. Everything looked beautiful! We have the same dress...and it was completely the opposite of what I was expecting as well! Congrats!
  2. We have 5 days and I feel like I'm reaching breakdown point, lol! I decided Sunday, with 7 days til we left that I wanted a veil...then I learned it is nearly impossible to get one that quickly, so my wonderful mother-in-law volunteered to make it. I wanted it to be a simple floor length veil, but I was horrified at the thought of it turning out awful and me having to hurt her feelings by not wearing it - turns out, about 4 hours and $17 later she made a gorgeous veil that I love! Disaster averted #1! Then last night as I was beginning to pack, it occurred to me that I have no clue where my pearl bracelet for the wedding day is. I tore my house completely apart, got 5 hours sleep because I was too worried about it, called my mom nearly in tears, and then as soon as I got off the phone with her I realized exactly where it was...in a safe place of course - my suitcase, lol! Bahhhh! So, my entire bedroom is piles of clothes and nothing (but the bracelet of course, hehe) has yet to make it into the suitcase! All of my OOT bag stuff and wedding stuff that was packed is now unpacked as I decided I need to take inventory of what I have. This is turning me into a crazy person! I can not wait to be there and be done with the madness! Our to-do list includes: PACKING!!!! Printing Welcome Books (hopefully today) take engagement ring to get polished finalize transportation for guests to/from airport pick up earrings from jewelers shellac manicure (Friday over lunch) wax (Friday after work) pedicure (Thursday after work) break in shoes print all documents and emails from wedding coordinator, etc. ...and I'm sure there's more! Hang in there ladies, we're almost there!
  3. SOOO glad to hear that you got the photographer issue settled! What a relief.
  4. How is everyone's planning going? We leave in 12 days and I can not believe it! Things are going well so far...knock on wood...and I feel like with the exception of figuring out how we are going to get ALL THIS STUFF down there we are right on track! I have, hopefully, my final fitting on Thursday for my dress, and on the list of things to do is break in my heels so my feet don't kill me by the end of the night. It's mostly down to appointments now - hair, nails, etc and of course packing! I think my only big thing is the welcome books, which I hope to have ready by the end of the week. I send out the brochures and luggage tags a few weeks ago, and it seems everyone is ready for Cabo! (meaning I haven't gotten any panic phone calls about not knowing they needed a passport, etc, lol)! This past weekend I had my bachelorette and it was a blast! All the girls rented cottages in a small town full of wineries and we spent the first day hopping around to wineries and the second day biking on the trails. The biking was only a success because all the wine and sun caused me to be in bed by 9PM the first night! It was so much fun though! Hope you girls are all enjoying the time leading up to your weddings! It's going sooo fast! Here's a pic from my bachelorette: That's my future sister-in-law on the left, then my momma, me, my other future sister-in-law, and my sister. We had about 20 girls all together...too much fun!
  5. When my fiance met Juan he knew immediately that's who he wanted, and since he still has yet to make any other decisions (my fiance that is), I booked Juan right away, lol! I'm sure if you search around on here though you could find some other options. I've heard good things about Dino Gomez, but I have no idea what his prices are.
  6. Oh my goodness! I am soooo sorry to hear this - I can imagine the stress you are facing right now! Our photographer is Juan Carlos Tapia...and he can be contacted through his website here: http://www.juancarlostapia.com/ Good Luck!!
  7. You did a wonderful job on these! Your guests will certainly appreciate them!
  8. Very Cute! I think they look fabulous and will look awesome on the tables! We did a similar thing using sea urchins, and FI used a dremmel to cut the slits in them. It's great to have projects for the guys! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any issues getting them down there. I'm not sure how fragile the shells are, but I bought those plastic divided jewelry boxes/tackle boxes to transport the urchin shells down without worrying about them breaking.
  9. Hi ladies! I'm getting married in three weeks at Cabo del Sol (6-10-11). Our guests will be staying at Villa la Estancia as we wanted a non-inclusive villa option closer to town. The food at Cabo del Sol is incredible, and I agree that Luz Maria has been wonderful! We chose Cabo del Sol because it is elegant and completely private. You are their only concern on your day, and their attention to detail is fabulous. If you have any specific questions on the venue please let me know. I also have a review from our site visit here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/50634/our-cabo-del-sol-site-visit-long-with-pics which has pictures and details on the food. Best Wishes and Good Luck!
  10. I'm doing the same. I'm taking my girls and my mom on a kayak/snorkel tour. I also bought their dresses, shoes, and jewelry. None of them were thrilled with the idea of hair and make-up which is quite expensive, and I really wanted something more memorable anyway. All of our guests have the option to go on the tour for a discounted price, but I will be paying for the girls. And FI is doing something similar and paying for deep sea fishing for his groomsmen and the dads. If you need a contact in Cabo for group tours, Stacey at Cabo Outfitters has been GREAT to work with! Her company does nearly everything, hiking, kayaking, scuba, ziplining, ATV, etc. and she had excellent group rates. Her contact info is: stacey@cabo-outfitters.com We are getting so close girls! My wedding day is 1 month from tomorrow! [heart racing in background]
  11. How did time go by sooo fast all of a sudden!?!?! I just got back from a 2-week business trip and now I just need time to stop for a week or two! I need to: Make placecard holders and placecards Print and assemble fans Finish and print welcome books Make cocktail stirrers and cocktail umbrellas Dress fittings (2nd one Saturday) contact AA about transporting dress make playlist for guitarist and DJ and, I'm sure there is more! Keep us posted on your progress ladies!
  12. We're having a legal ceremony at Cabo del Sol and it's my understanding that it will be performed by a judge in Spanish. Also, I don't think his words can be altered in any way. We hired reverend Marco to translate and to give a more personal ceremony following the legal vows. Instead of the sand ceremony we are doing a hand ceremony which is quite beautiful, I'm sure you can find it on this forum if you do a quick search. Good Luck and Congrats!
  13. Everything looks wonderful, I am so impressed! You have worked so hard and your guests are really going to appreciate it all! Congrats! (and, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind seeing pics of the outfits too! I think the more pics the better!) Best Wishes!!!!
  14. I had a friend that went so far as to ask me if I had picked out her bridesmaid dress - and she wasn't a bridesmaid! To avoid any issues, we decided that only our sisters and brothers would be in the wedding. As a result, we will have 3 bridesmaids and only 2 groomsmen, but I'm just fine with that. I was nervous about how the friend would handle this but, to be honest, I think the friend was relieved when she realized she wouldn't have to buy a special dress and do all the extra stuff! I know being a bridesmaid is a great honor, but I'm not sure many girls would actually get their feelings hurt over not having to spend the extra money...especially on a destination wedding! I would just tell those that ask that you and your fiance have decided to keep the wedding party small. You may be surprised at their reactions! Good Luck!
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