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  1. I think I spent the most time on the OOT bags for this upcoming wedding. It took forever to finally decide on what bags I wanted, and then it took months to gather all the items I wanted as the contents of the bags. Plus it didn't help that I wasn't sure exactly how many people were going. But all the RSVPs are in, the final headcount is done. And here it is: I got the bags from a wholesaler on ebay: http://stores.ebay.com/The-Deal-Rack It was $165 for 48 pcs. I think there may be even cheaper options out there (such as the Dollar Store), but I couldn't find a tote bag like this in yellow. I'm very happy with the quality of the bag. The tags on the bag are from Paper Presentation. I got the first aid kits ($1 each) from medco.com and almost all the meds that I packed in there were from medco.com as well. Here is the template for the label on the first aid kit. I just bought a whole sheets of label paper from Staples and printed on them. Then I used a paper cutter to cut each label and attached them to the first aid kit. Here are the packets all in the first aid kit: I got Advil, Emergen-C, Pepto Bismol, Tylenol (not from medco), Imodium A-D (the blistore packs), and LifeSavers candy (from CVS) I got the idea for the Imodium A-D envelope from another bride on BDW but I can't remember who! They look really cute. Here is the template for it and the safety info that I inserted as well: I also bought some antibacterial hand gel from Bath and Body when they were on sale for about .69 cents each, some lip balm from Avon when they were also on sale (pink for the ladies and just white ones for the guys), tissue packets that one of my mom's co-workers got at a dollar store (9 packets of tissue sold for $1), Shout wipes from medco.com. I placed them all in ziplock "biohazard" bags that I was able to get from people who work in hospitals, and topped it off with a camouflaged label that I printed out using cardstock. Here's the finished survival kit product: Here's the template for the bag topper. I'm not sure if the background camouflage image and the "Survival Kit" font will show up. In any case, you can download the font in dafont.com. The font's name is "Steamer". Included are also yellow and gray pashminas which I bought from Pioneer Group in downtown NYC. They were 12 for $26. Not shown are rolled up handkerchiefs for the men. All the tags were made by me by printing on cardstock and then using a 2-inch round cutter to make each tag. I used a paper cutter with rectangular holes to thread the ribbon onto each side of the tag. Here is the template for the pashmina tags: I also have water guns that I bought from Oriental Trading (25 for $10) and playing cards that I got from a wholesaler in downtown NY ($6 for 10). Ignore the pink pashmina in the picture. Finally, there's the welcome letter that I will place in the front pocket of each bag. The petal enclosure and paper were all from Paper Source. The twine was from Michael's. I will also be placing a travel brochure and wedding timeline in the bag but I still have to finish designing it on VistaPrint. And that's it! I hope this helps someone out!! Wedding Survival Kit.ppt imodium AD envelopes.ppt imodium safety info.ppt survival kit bag.doc pashminalabel.doc
  2. So I've been using this site to get so many ideas and I hardly ever post so I thought I'd start giving back now that it's closer to my wedding and I have almost everything prepared. Here are the pocketfold invites that I made myself. Our colors are yellow and light gray. It all really looks much better in real life. I was so happy when a very discerning aunt thought they were professionally made and was thoroughly surprised that I had made them myself! The pocketfolds themselves are from Paper Presentation as are the silver tags with the imprintable labels for our monogram and the silver envelopes. White ribbon from Michaels. The invitation paper with the embossed mums are from Paper Source. And the paper inserts and RSVP cards are also from Paper Source. I tried to match the inserts to the type of paper on the invite - Superfine White A7 note cards for the insert with all the info, and Superfine White 4 bar note cards for the RSVPs. I also bought a mums stamp from Paper Source and stamped the inserts to add a little color.
  3. I've had so many, I can't remember all of them. I do remember one dream where I had already walked down the aisle and my dad handed me off to the groom. But then I had the officiant stop the ceremony because something wasn't right. I then went back and walked down the aisle all over again. So so strange.
  4. Yay, one month left! I've been dreaming about catastrophic weddings almost every night. Maybe that means everything will run smoothly on the big day!
  5. Congratulations! Everything looks wonderful. I hardly every see anyone posting about their Isla Mujeres wedding, which is where I'm getting married in June so it was great to see your post!
  6. Wow, great pictures! I'm having my wedding in Villa Rolandi in June as well and the pictures are making me even more excited!
  7. Congratulations to all the June Brides!! I'm getting married in Villa Rolandi, Isla Mujeres on June 11, 2011. 6 months to go and I'm so behind with everything! It sounds like you ladies have so many things completed already. I've only done save the dates, website, hotel/date...and....wow, that's it! I don't even have a dress!! I have to stop procrastinating!! Good luck everyone and happy planning!!
  8. This was a great find! Thanks so much for posting the link to his store on Etsy. I might just do the same thing myself!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Kimmysals FYI, I'm using Sunhorse Wedding to play our non-resort wedding. So far they've been really great to work with and very responsive. Good luck! Thanks kimmysals! I was actually going to ask you next! Yes, I am also thinking about Sunhorse Wedding or Juliette from Papillon. Not sure which yet.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by heatherkemp Welcome Marichu! I am getting married in Isla Mujeres on November 6th. It's a magical place! Thanks! And congratulations to you too! Yes, isn't Isla Mujeres wonderful? I actually posted on a thread of yours before I saw you replied on this one. Did you get a wedding planner for your wedding?
  11. I just got engaged in Isla Mujeres and we are planning to have our wedding there next year around June because we loved the place so much! So glad to see other Isla Mujeres brides. Please post updates and/or reviews if you can!
  12. Hello all! My name is Marichu and two weeks ago I got engaged on Isla Mujeres, an island off of Cancun. We liked the island so much, we're planning on getting married there! We're thinking of doing it in June 2011 which is exactly a year away so I feel like I just gotta jump in and start already. This site is so great in helping me get ideas and learning from other people's reviews and advice so I'm really glad I stumbled upon it!
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