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  1. When I was down they told me that cocktail hour was all you could drink and the hor'douvers equaled three per person. In the end we didn't go with the hor'douvers and folks just ended up eating together at the sea side grill.
  2. Great thread! I can't believe how many handbags your bringing down, LOL...BTW, I love your purple dress, so pretty. Congrats!
  3. The plaza is beside the Mexican restaurant (behind the main building that faces the courtyard). They no longer do the entertainment in the courtyard. It's actually a nice set up and much bigger than the courtyard. I think it's new as I was there two years ago and the courtyard was still being used. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 I just received an email from Landy stating that the nightly entertainment takes place in the plaza. Now where is the PLAZA!!! When I visited DT a few years back all the nightly entertainment took place in the plaza by the chapel courtyard and the sugar reef bar. Does anyone know if that's still the case?? Or is there a new plaza since they expanded the resort? I was planning to have my reception by the adult pool, but Landy said I could have the dolphin pool where its more secluded.
  4. I found Aurora to be responsive but sometimes it took her about 1 week to respond. I also found it was easier dealing with the wedding coordinator when I got down to the resort as Aurora was very by the book and quoted me prices for stuff (i.e set up that the wedding coordinator didn't charge me for).
  5. Hi, When we got to the hotel, we just asked that all our rooms be near each other. It wasn't a problem, besides the hotel is small enough that it's not that much of a distance between rooms. As to upgrade, we got it when we got to the resort. We asked and one my girlfriends piped up that we brought 19 people with us so they were good about it. P.S. Don't feel guilty, your guests will have a wonderful time.
  6. Sorry I only found this now. I also downloaded the templates and bought a 2inch punch from Michael's. It worked fine for me. BTW, although my guests thought they were cute, no one used them.
  7. We didn't have any issues with this at all. There is 1 pool open till 10:00PM but by our end it was deserted. We had our dinner at 6:00PM. Honestly there were weddings taking place everyday and not once did I see kids playing in the pool at that hour. It was dark by 6:00PM so that may have been a factor. Not sure how it would work in the summer months so definately worth verifying when you get down there.
  8. I sent prewedding brochures and told my guests no presents. It worked, we didn't have to bring back anything except a couple of cards. People will give you gifts anyway...
  9. Hi, Thanks so much. We ended up having our reception dinner by the Dolphin Pool. We had 1 long table and it was perfect and intimate for the group. Everyone loved the location as it was the best of both worlds, the view of the ocean on one side and the view of the pool on the other. As to lighting, there was lighting in the pool and Anabel arranged for some bag lanters on the floor (white bags with sands and candles in them). She also had 1 spot light but it was too much so we told her not to bother. We also paid for hurracaine candle holders with white candles so it set the mood perfectly. I did not go really overboard with decorations but what we did have included: - hanging floors on the huppa - drinks with straws and little butterflies - set up table with shawls and hanging branches with crystals - dinner- candles, shells and flowers scattered around When you get there, they can take you around so you see the different locations options and decide what you like. I made all the arrangements when I got down and they spent about 1.5 hours with me helping me decide. For myself, the location was perfect and it did not look like we were lost in a sea of empty space. I did think that floating candles would have added a nice touch but it you go this route, it's really just for the effect instead of the lighting. The only thing that was hard was the reading of the speeches. Mike's uncle held up one of the hurracaine vase. It was pretty funny. I was also really nervous until I got down there. It was really easy so don't worry, they will take care of your needs. Quote: Originally Posted by northernflasher CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING A MRS Can't wait to see your pics and review. Its great that things worked out better value than you expected. I have some questions about small, intimate weddings I hope you can help me with. We are struggling to decide where we want our reception and I need to email the co-ordinator in a fortnight with the details!! We are only having 15 people in total, how did you find having a small party in terms of your reception location? We are kinda worried that our single table will look a bit lost and lonely on a large terrace or beach or that there wont be much of an intimate atmosphere, did you feel this at all? We also wondered about lighting, when you say they put out your decorations for free did you string lights up or did you find the ambient lighting adequate. We were also considering putting floating lanterns in the pool. From your experience is this worth doing when we only have one long table (= one vantage point to see them from), do they set you up close enough to the pool to see them properly or is the pool so big that they will look lost and float away? Sorry for all the questions, times ticking and my nerves are shot!!! Thanks for the help
  10. Hi Ladies, I got back and am now a Mrs. We had a wonderful time and will be writing my review and posting my pics. Anabel was our coordinator and she was really wonderful to deal with. I did find that some of the stuff that Auorora quoted me was completely different when I met with the coordinator: - Blood work- only charged $165 instead of $175 - No set up fee for putting out my decorations (There were only 19 of us) - We had our reception at the Dolphin Pool and went with the silver menu. We did not have to pay the $750 (wasn't even mentioned in discussions with Anabel) - All is all it worked out cheaper for us to go with the free package and add the upgrades Hope this helps. Thanks V.
  11. Hi, I'm flying out with sunwing and they are fine with me doing a carry one. I checked when I heard about the restrictions. My girlfriend worked at the airport and said that you definately don't want check your dress. She recommends talking with the check in person when you get to the airport. Quote: Originally Posted by BellaBeachBabe Hi everyone I just phoned west jet and I was told that I am NOT allowed to bring my dress on as carry-on, instead it must be placed in my checked luggage! It was to my understanding that on all westjet flights I could. The man on the phone kept on saying "no carry on baggage at all...he said any travel to the US prohibits carry on baggage even though I kept telling him I am flying direct to mexico, not stopping in the US but he still said no?! I think I will call back tomorrow and ask to speak to the person responsible because there is no way I am risking losing my dress! That is the reason why I chose westjet and paid extra $$$. Has anyone heard different for westjet??
  12. Ohhh, they are so nice. I love the colours. Rebecca made up a bunch of tags and my welcome brochure. She doesn't disappoint.
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