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  1. Jacqueline's pregnancy thread **Baby Joseph is Here! Post 244!**
  2. HEY!! i have been MIA but came on to catch up on some threads and to see if this topic was touched- and of course it was! joey's bday is dec 29, and i was torn on when to have it and worried he will get shitty end of stick with holidays and his bday so close. i vow to make it super special for him though, every year. i think im going to have his party the 2nd weekend in jan. the main issue is WHERE to have his 1st bday. cant have it outside hence its dead winter, cant have it in my house ( i dont think anyway) b/c its not really set up for parties and i feel like the kids will have no where to play and nothing to do. googled some activity ideas but nothing stuck out...and i also dont want to spend entire time coordinating games kwim? we thought of having it at a local hall but then its like, wtf are the kids going to do there too, ha ??!! someone mentioned a place called "the kiddie gym" or something here in nj but they wanted $320 for 90 min party and food wasnt included..??!! thought that was kinda nuts. i am waiting for a flyer in the mail but pretty sure im not interested if thats their only offer. outside summer parties just seem easier to me, ya know? if anyone has any 1st bday december party ideas let me know!!
  3. I googled this but none of the sites give a straight answer, it keeps saying topaz or turquoise. I'm a Libra and my stone's a sapphire, plain and simple. Joey is a Cap (bday is Dec 29) and I wanted to know what his stone is...
  4. i see my link but how do i change the link title? for example, to "my pregnancy ticker <3"? i did the best i could searchng but didnt see anything so sorry if this was answered. also i noticed some members (one i remem was a meggan?) actually had the picture of the ticker on her signature, not just the link to click on. i thought we couldnt do that anymore?
  5. thx .. i've been hearing the same so not sure what ill do, it dont seem worth it for me b/c the hair is very very fine, peach fuzz. its not even that dark either, it has gotten darker but its not too obvious or anything. at least thats what people tell me hahah. so maybe ill try bleaching it? i have dark brown hair and light skin so not sure...sometimes if i lighten my hair it tints red.
  6. i want to do my upper lip, will electrolisis (sp?) do the job? after erading about laser not working, now i dont want to waste $ im nervous. what is electrolisis, is it safe to be near my head? ill search google too...
  7. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o) thanks so much!
  8. Okay, here is mine... hahaha this cat's personality is SOO the song by Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy"
  9. i missed this..i have to find a pic and do mine! everyone, your pets are all soooo cute!
  10. Where the bar was in a different room then the rest of the wedding reception, it took away from it b/c the guests were separated the entire night..a lot of the guests had the same feeling. The bar wasn't only in diff room but the hall is the type that has more than one wedding at a time, so the guests were mixed in with strangers from another wedding at the bar.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by carly I like Kanye's music and I've always been a fan of Beyonce, but I never liked Kanye personally. Even before he started acting up at awards shows, I just hate the way he looks. Doesn't he look like a cocky asshole? And I read somewhere (have no clue where now!) that he said in an article last year that he was going to storm the stage when someone didn't win cuz they deserved it. So he probably had this all planned out. Just like his disheveled appearance and carrying around the liquor bottle. Total publicity stunt. But I don't beleive in the idea that just being talked about is good enough. He has totally turned me off of him and I am not even a fan of Taylor Swift (not against her, I just don't know her). I like the idea of someone clotheslining his ass. Car I agree, I liked his music too. But I thought he looked pissed off all the time, lol, like smile dude, you're on top of the world. Then I noticed he pulls the race card out too often and I think it's getting old to be completely honest. Not to say this incident is or isn't about race but thats why I don't like him, b/c he's just ignorant about it. I might get slammed for that but hey, that's how I feel. And Taylor's CD is actually really good, I have it. It's cute girlie music. On a good note, how bad ass was Beyonce's "Single Ladies" performance, omg I LOVED IT! I was trying to do the dance and singing, Joe almost peed himself. My bed time is like 9! (hahahahah, yeah Im a hag) and it was like 930 and I was all wound up after that.
  12. I didn't buy his "apology" on Leno. He's a grown man who has total control of his actions and he knows exactly what he's doing (as Ann said above- publicity!) Even though I do think that I also think he's just a douche bag who don't know how to act either. Whatever, money don't buy class.
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