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  1. I have 74 satin turquoise sashes if anyone is interested. :-)
  2. Well let's start with where are you having it? Is it formal or more casual? If it is more formal, like you are wearing your dress and having it in a nice hall and such the luggage tags in sand is a super cute idea for the seating arrangements. We are having ours very casual, actually a Beach celebration in my mom's backyard. We are going to have a candy buffet, playing my DH IPod through speakers, and hiring a caterer. But if you are having it inside I think having the ball laterns or even the cute light up palm trees (not the tacky looking ones, there are cute ones out there)...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Sax Lady very nice photos. How did you get to use Sun Gold? cause I know everywhere on superclubs it says you cant use outside video/photography. I'm also getting married at a breezes but the trelawny site. Thank you! TA Maureen had mentioned they are one of the only offsite photographers she had heard of going there. You can hire an outside photographer for $1000. However, we told the WC we did not need theo nsite photographer...did not mention anything else. I also have to tell you that they were guests at the resort. They stayed the night of the wed
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Tilly in the Sun Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing and congrats! (btw did anyone ever tell you that you look a lot like the actress Shannon Elizabeth?) Thanks and no...but thank you! :-)
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Sparkles8300 Great slideshow!!! We also used Sungold and loved them!!! We ordered a canvas print and it is AMAZING! I reccommend doing the same with your print credit they give you....we get so many compliments from everyone who comes to our home and sees it! Congrats!!! Thank you for the tip!! They were amazing to work with!!
  6. I love that dress!! I would order it...
  7. Too cute!! I love where you are at, it looks so romantic...
  8. Ok ladies, I am super excited!! I just received all of my photos from Sungold, which are amazing!! And also my slideshow they put together...the first song is the first song we danced to as husband and wife. Please enjoy! Andrew & Andrea March 19 2010
  9. I think it all depends on your airline. However I did not call my airline ahead of time. I took my dress and a beach bag that had my purse in it, my DH took his backpack and one of my suitcases. I will say that on the way to Jamaica we had two planes...the first was too small with no first class closet. The second one was a large plane, however I was the fourth bride on the plane...so two out of the four were able to put their dresses in the closets. However, depending on the fabric of your dress it may not really matter. I had mine all folded up and when I got to the hotel, I pulled it out an
  10. My girls had a white parasol with a black swirl on it...they were super cute and they were able to take them home! They were cheaper than flowers and last longer! Btw, the pictures looked super cute with them as well. I borrowed one for my TTD shoot the next day.
  11. Just want to bump this thread...and put pictures back in it. It is a gorgeous dress...I am open to offers... Closer view of the beautiful beading...
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Maureen Congrats again! You looked stunning on your wedding day! I love your dress. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself and had a perfect wedding day. Thanks for the kind words in your review. Thank you Maureen!! I could not have had such a wonderful and stress-free wedding without all of your help!!
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