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Angel & Sy

Iberostar Rose Hall Brides - Post all info/questions here!

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Hi Sonia! Gorgeous pics :)

Question - i noticed you had raffia fans at the ceremony, did people use them (not sure you would have noticed or not), but am wondering because I was planning to have them as well but am thinking if it's windy and no one will even use them I won't bother, I could use the extra space in my luggage! lol


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WEEEEEE...my slideshow is finished..THANKS MISHA!!!




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Just as a thought for the several ladies who are getting married in early December: a friend who has yet to book called my travel agent today, and was told she could only book the 3rd-8th, because the 9th was sold out. When I looked online they had no availability for the 7th or 8th either. WOW. Luckily all of my people except 2 are booked. I don't know if some are reserved for travel agents or what, but it's crazy.

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