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  1. Hi ladies!! Hope everyone is doing well!! I just popped back in to share my slideshow. We used Misha Earle and couldn't be happier with her work. Good luck and happy planning!!! http://mishaearle.myshowit.com/erin_cole
  2. Thanks! I used organza fabric for the huppa. I ordered 10 yards of the red and 25 yards of the orange. I ordered from bbcrafts.com. They sell fabric by the roll. I paid $55 or so total but about $25 was shipping because I needed it shipped in 3 days. Nicole had someone decorate the huppa for us. We did nothing at all! Idk about the Grand but at the Suites white sheer fabric is included for decorating the huppa.
  3. Someone got a pic of the aisle markers. I didn't remember seeing them so I am happy to know they turned out ok!
  4. Thanks Nikadawn! Not a bad idea. I'm sure they have several and it's basically a toss up of who you get. A back-up plan is smart! No offense taken!!! It was quite funny actually so that served as some form of enterainment lol. Yes, we used the Iberostar DJ. No, I didn't provide a list and I guess that was my mistake. When Nicole asked about music I said hiphop and r&b. Even it was older music it would have been fine but it wasn't even in the genre that I requested.
  5. I posted a few pics on the fb group page but for those who haven't seen them... We were married on 10-8 at 5pm (ceremony really started about 5:20 or so due to weather). The reception was at Calabash with 49 guests. I stole these pics from my cousin. I cannot wait to see our pro pics from Misha. I keep looking at the pics and laughing because the chair sashes are on backwards. I told Nicole orange organza first and then the red satin on top. Oh well...no worries right! FYI our DJ (whose name I failed to get...sorry) SUCKED donkey balls. Big time. It was so bad that they refunded us half the money on the DJ service. He had no idea how to read a crowd. Even after I spoke to him once, my husband twice, and Nicole once - he still couldn't get it right. When he played Miley Cyrus I was done. We ended the reception and took the party elsewhere.
  6. Hello ladies!!! I'm back and exhausted but I must say we had an amazing time at the Suites (I got married 10/8)!!! I totally underestimated my time management skills but all in all everything went well. I'll try to get around to posting a review and some pics later this week. We stayed at Secrets Wild Orchid for our short honeymoon and I wish we had stayed at Iberostar but...lesson learned! Congrats ~R!!! I know you are honeymooning but I saw your husband at the spa and asked him to apologize for me. I really wanted to make it over to meet you but once we got there Thursday things were CRAZY!!! I know your wedding was wonderful and I can't wait to read your review!
  7. Great review!!!! You looked amazing. Congrats!
  8. Oohhh I love that under the table lighting!!! Soooo sorry to hear about what happened luvmoo! I am hopeful things will work out for you. Off topic... I asked Nicole if we could add a plated salad to our entree at Calabash because I know our families are big salad eaters. She says that the Salmon stuffed with shrimp mousse was a salad, but that we could substitute it for garden or chicken cesar if we wanted to. I am totally confused at this point but then ask was the salmon portion large enough that it could be removed if ppl don't eat salmon. She says...I'll send you a picture. With 10 days to go....all I can do is laugh.
  9. I originally contracted with Marcia Roberts and recently cancelled and booked Misha Earle. I think I have both price lists. PM me your email and I'll send them to you.
  10. Sooo apparently I missed the memo that they no longer do the butterfly release. I was looking forward to that!!!
  11. Our group is traveling the same time frame! My FI and I are leaving on Sunday and going to Secrets for a few days (wish we would've booked at the Grand those extra days but oh well). I am still trying to wrap things up. Terrible I know. I would love to meet up and say Hi if you are down.
  12. Futuremrstgun - we have a little over 2 wks to go!! Are you pretty much squared away? What day is your group arriving?
  13. Congrats and we can't wait to hear how things went. I'm sure everything will be lovely!!!!
  14. For those who are opting out of the provided bouquet and boutonniere, are you getting a credit or something else in it's place?