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  1. Sunshine, I just looked at several different ideas that I found around the internet and combined them into my own. It took some work, but it was pretty cost efficient considering the $75 ones I was looking at online!! I used favorite memory of the trip, favorite memory with the bride and groom, and a spot to write advice or draw a picture. The last spot I left open for a photo of each person from the night, which I still need to insert!
  2. Tenderloin at Aunt Ruby's. We ate there for our reception, so I was a little busy- this is the only pic I got. I did add a bunch of pics of my setup at Aunt Ruby's to my planning thread, but will add more to my review when I am finished.
  3. Dessert from Calabash: Dark and White chocolate surprise: PIneapple sponge: Bday cake the chef made us for one of our guests: (it cost us $30.)
  4. Hi ladies! Pretty sure I promised some pics of the food from the Suites, so I'm finally here to do it! Pics are from my iphone, so not the best quality! Here are pics from Calabash. They look a little scary, but I will promise, everything is AMAZING!!! Not one person had a complaint. This was by far my favorite dining experience!!! Smoked salmon appetizer: Wild asparagus soup: Lobster salad: Candied tenderloin steak. Our server told us from the beginning that we were welcome to order double portions. This is a double portion. Snapper timbale: Duck? Grilled lamn ribs: (possibly a double portion) Sauteed shrimp:
  5. Pics of the finished product at the reception. (Sorry, pics taken with my iphone, so not great quality!!! Everything turned out amazingly!!!
  6. Here are some of my finished painted shells. I used metallic acrylic paint and I lined my aisle with these as well as my tables at the reception. I did a DIY guest book- for the outside I hot glued on ribbon. I used a scrapbook from Hobby Lobby and added an engagement pic. It did end up a little wavy. I designed and printed pages for the inside. Each guest filled one out. I have to add, my fiance's brother (and groomsman) passed away unexpectedly 5 days after returning from our wedding trip. Most people did not get around to doing an entire page at the wedding, so it was fairly empty. Several days after his funeral, I found that he had done a page in the back that we had never noticed. It's one of our most treasured memories.... I made it for us to add in pictures from the wedding later.
  7. Here I got a free pair of VS undies and added a 99 cent iron on: I bought my daughter a dress from Hobby Lobby for a few dollars, and added an iron on: It was meant to wear on wedding day while getting ready, but never happened.
  8. Here is another project that I did for my Bridesmaid's gift. They are decoupaged flasks. I bought the flasks online for about $3 each (free shipping) and the glitter paper at Hobby Lobby. I trimmed the paper to fit the flask, coated the glitter side in clear varnish and let it dry, then coated the flask and the back of the paper, and applied. I held the ends together until it was faily set. I did add an extra coat all over later, especially to the edges and the ends of the paper. You could use any kind of paper for this. I then applied crystal sticker appliques, and coated again in varnish. The larger two were for my Bridesmaids, and the smaller ones for my other female guests, so they didn't feel left out. Here is what each girl received on wedding day, along with a card in my colors, handwritten to each girl, thanking them for coming and for their place in my life. The Bridesmaids also had a package: This is what was in the package: (I made these for my bridesmaids to wear on wedding day, as well as one for my daughter/flower girl. I have been making jewelry for a couple years, but these were very simple. They are all sterling silver and Swarovski crystal, with a handstamped initial.
  9. Here is my candy sign from the Bridal Shower. I can't remember if I needed to download the font or not. candy sign.docx
  10. This one is the 'Get Ready for Jamaica' letter. Using Baroque Script. Get ready for Jamaica letter.docx
  11. Here is the luggage tag holder template. Again, Baroque Script is necessary for it to work. I cut them out, and glued to squares of cardstock that were slightly larger. On the back side, I put everyone's name, number, and address. Luggage tag insert.docx
  12. Here is the key card holder template. I'm not sure how it will translate! I did use Baroque Script from 1001freefonts.com, so you will have to download it in order for the template to work. money holder.docx
  13. Here is the travel and trip itinerary. I no longer have these files on this hard drive so I'm searching my old emails for them!! In order to use this, I believe you will need to download two fonts: Baroque Script and Tropicana BV. Let me know if you have success with it or not!! Jamaica Travel and Trip Itinerary.docx
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