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  1. The pool/beach bar closes at 6pm. So you would need to pay the open bar fee for them to open it for your bonfire event. Good luck!
  2. There is no bonfire at the beach party in front of the Suites on Saturday nights, at least not in July when we were there for the wedding. They set up a stage on the beach and they have a DJ. Everyone dances for a while and then the Star Friends dance and get the crowd involved. They have a guest dance contest among 4 guests for 'King of the Beach'. 2 from our group participated and 1 won. It was hysterical! They do have a fire dancer perform for about 15 min. or so, but there is no bonfire is that is important to you.
  3. If you put flowers on the huppa or arch, they will use them at the reception if you ask. I had 2 arrangements on the hupppa that I asked to be placed on the cake table. They will also put the arrangement that is on the license table somewhere if you want. They do a very good job of re-using items from the ceremony in the reception so that nothing goes to waste.
  4. Yep, that is exactly what I did. My bouquet was table #1, and my 4 bridemaid's bouquets were my other 4 tables. I decorated blume boxes (http://www.blumebox.com/) as the vases, and then the bouquets got placed in them after pictures, during cocktail hour. If the guest count hadn't worked out and I needed more tables than 5, I had Tai Flora on back up to do the centerpieces. I was glad that I got to save my money and go this route though.
  5. In July, Nicole and Tiffany didn't have a guest/table type document. I just sent my own spreadsheet with the guest list and meal selections. The only document I got from them to complete was the Details document. I had the extra charges and wedding documents from when we booked, so it was just filling out the Details one to send back. I put so much detail in that thing and thought they would be so confused because it was information overload. When we got down there and had our meeting with them, they had it all broken out and where ready with everything I wanted. Things seem chaotic and
  6. You can have a welcome/rehearsal dinner (it is the same event, just semantics of the name) the night before by having Nicole / Tiffany make a dinner reservation for your entire group. We had over 40 people at the suites and had our welcome dinner at the Mexican Restaurant. Your only restriction will be if the bride and groom of that day reserve the restaurant that you want. They will take priority over you. I don't remember how many the Mediterranean Restaurant holds, but that may also be a restriction if you have too many people. I gave a first choice and a second choice when I sent my d
  7. I didn't think anyone would travel with a card and was completely shocked that almost everyone did.
  8. I brought everything from home. The only items provided are what is spelled out in the package. There was nothing really that the resort had for me to use. The restaurant would have the standard centerpiece if you choose not to bring or rent anything. I think most of them were a small vase with a single flower. I had 3 large suitcases that I took that were all wedding items. I had everything you mentioned, plus all of my flowers, centerpieces, etc. with me. I had a lot of stuff, but I am so glad that I brought it all. Paying for the baggage on the plane was cheaper than paying for cent
  9. I can only speak to how it was done in Calabash for a private reception. I'm not sure if the restaurants handle it differently. There is definitely a table, and we used a half moon table. I only wanted white linens since I was using color in all of my accents, so yes the table cloth on my placecard/guest plate table was the same as the cake table and was the same as the dinner tables. When our guests entered Calabash, the table was right there and guests would grab their place card and also we had a guest plate that everyone signed. This table was big enough for me to have 2 sandboxes (I
  10. Hi Jaime3, I just got back from my wedding at the Suites. You have a couple of options... the front desk can give the bags out on check-in, you can deliver them, or Nicole/Tiffany will deliver them (they offered to do it, not sure that they always make the offer though). Originally, I was going to have the front desk do it when everyone checked in, but Tiffany recommended against that. She said that she would deliver all of them. In the end, I ended up bringing all of the bags to their office (which is right off of the lobby), and I just handed the bags out as our guests arrived. We
  11. Wow, that was fast! I hope we get just as lucky. We just got back from our wedding last Sunday at the Suites, and everything was perfect! There is not one thing that I would have done differently. If anyone has any questions, let me know and I can try to answer them for you. Definitely have patients everyone. Nicole and Tiffany are incredible and will make sure it is the wedding of your dreams!
  12. That is such a bummer about the staff!!! We had an incredible time!! The entertainment staff had our whole wedding party participating in the pool activities and also the nightly stuff. It was a blast! We also had great luck with the ceremony on the beach. Everything was dry and the clouds were starting to part for the sun to come out. It rained while I was in the spa, but I don't think we had rain once I got dressed and we were doing pictures in the room. Everyone in the spa was fabulous! We had champagne and mimosas that morning and all of our hair and make-up was perfect! It was a
  13. We are back and married!!!! Everything was absolutely perfect, and I had the wedding of my dreams! I hope everyone had a fabulous trip and wedding day!
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