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  1. Wow excellindy you were a beautiful bride!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures!!
  2. I used Reggae Tours when we did our site visit to Jamaica last May. I had a ton of appointments scheduled at different venues and I did not want to constantly have to hail a cab so we booked with Reggae Tours and they were great! I am going to use them to transport my guests for my wedding and I am booking 2 group excursions with them as well. Check them out on Trip Advisor!
  3. Getting back the RSVP cards have been a pain for me too!! I think that most people at least in my case are probably thinking that I already know they are booked so why should they have to send the card back.Very annoying! But my biggest headache right now is I have 9 out of 73 people booked who have not paid their trip off yet or even booked their flights! My wedding venue requires a final head count and payment by May 21st and my fear is that these 9 people could at the last minute bail out either because they don't have the money or there are no more flights left and I will not be able to get my money back!!!! So I am not really sure what to do....aww the joys of wedding planning!LOL
  4. @ Vizionme101- I was worried too about choosing such a hot month but my thinking is the water is right there so at anytime they can just jump right in and cool off!LOL:) I am more worried about it raining....fingers crossed for bright sunshine on our BIG days!! @ Jamieirene- Congrats on 30 people booking!! That is very exciting when people book! In the beginning I was so excited every time someone booked too but now it is actually turning out to be a little stressful because we envisioned a small group and budgeted for about 40 people but we are now up to 64 people booked and expecting 75 people in total!! So there goes our budget!! But it is a blessing that we have so many people coming at least that is how I am looking at it to keep myself calm when I see the $$$ going up!! I wish I could be done everything 30 days before but like atalanta I am going to be doing things for my wedding up until at least 2 days before:( Mainly working on the welcome bags because I will have to go shopping when we arrive on the island! Well Congrats to all of the July brides time is really starting to pick up before you know it our month will be here!!! I am a nervous wreck but I know everything will go smooth!!
  5. Atalanta- You can update my location as Hummingbird Hall, Montego Bay!!! 3 months 18 days away!!!!
  6. Don't feel alone I am just mailing out my invites this Friday! I was debating back and forth at the last minute if I was even going to do them because I sent out save the sates at our one year mark with all of the information our guests would need and I know who is booked to come and who is not. However, there are a few stragglers in my group that have said they are coming and have not booked yet so I figured I would send invites to the people who are booked and those that have shown interest this way I can have a better idea of who to expect. As far as lists go yes make as many as you need to stay organized! I have a file dedicated to the wedding on my computer and I have a ton of different documents labeled for different items...budget, guest list, wedding decor ideas, welcome bag items, wording for thank you cards, packing list, over all to do list...etc. these have been so helpful for me:) My next few projects are my sand ceremony set and table numbers...in May I will work on our programs and place cards. But ladies our countdown till July is really on!! I am so excited and feel like the time is really starting to pick up!!YAY!!
  7. I know the time is really starting to go by! I am getting very excited!
  8. Congrats! We have the same wedding date! Hoping for sunny skies that day!
  9. Hello Leah22-all 3 of the resorts were beautiful and we actually got to see 3 weddings while we were there and they were very nicely done. I just envision my day as a more private intimate affair and I did not feel I would get that at the resort which is why I chose to have my wedding at a private villa:) this way I will get to have the private wedding I want and still get to enjoy the great amenaties of an all inclusive hotel for our stay! I will tell you the Grand is definitely GRAND!! You will not be disappointed at all:) And by the way just saw ur from Philly:) We are neighbors!
  10. @ Nikadawn that is great to hear! For whatever reason people have created accounts on this site and they turn out to be vendors posing as brides etc so I wont be surprised if that bride you are referring too is a fake and has nothing better to do! So I have not posted on here in a while but even though I decided to have my actual wedding off site I am still staying at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. I did stay at the Suites back in May and got to tour the beach property as well so if you ladies have any questions ask away! I also took a ton of pics! So just let me know:)
  11. 2012 is finally here! I have a feeling the next 6 months are going to fly by and July will be here before we know it:)
  12. I booked Stacey Clarke for my July 2012 wedding and to me her photos look so fun and vibrant! I was able to actually meet her in person back in May when I did a site visit and she was even sweeter in person! Her packages are very reasonable just shoot her an e-mail she responds very quickly! Photos and memories are all we will have once our days are over so choosing a photographer that really captures the style of photos you want is important to find! So Good Luck:)
  13. You ladies have read my mind! I was going to purchase this picture frame sand set on etsy for $80! Thank goodness I found this thread! Thank you so much for saving me lots of $$!
  14. I love this idea!!! You are so creative and your pictures are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing! I was going to make photo books for our parents and my FI's grandparents but I never thought of making them for our guests!! Thanks again!
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