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  1. back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to see our first November bride up. You looked stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Originally Posted by ErinDoc Hi All - We just got back from our PERFECT wedding at the Suites and our incredible honeymoon in Negril at Couples Swept Away late last night. It was more than I could have expected!!! For anyone doing any freaking out about how things are going to work out and what everything is going to look like, if I can offer you any advice, I would say that IT WILL WORK OUT. Nicole and Tiffanie and the staff at the IRHS are wonderful!! They are so easy to work with and will help take care of everything. Remember they plan and execute a wedding almost everyday, so they are so much better at this than we are. I hope that helps a little bit. Just wanted to share a few pics with you before I do my review.
  2. OMG My November buddie! I am so happy for you...everything looks greeeeeeeeeeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's unreal to hear you say 1 week and a half...Good luck and let us know how everything goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ladies I was wondering if anyone knew about the side dishes that comes with the entrees. Someone did post he menu, but for some restaurants it says depends on what is available per market...so what does this eman. Are side dishes technically Rice, Veggies, Coleslaw, etc...Trying to decide the menu and unsure about the sides for program purposes. If you prechoose your menu with> 25 guests are they flexible with accommodating vegans and other preferences (like 4 main entrees)?
  4. Yah you are a day after me... Does 55 days until November sound even more closer?
  5. What does everyone do regarding wrist bands? Do you ask your guests to remove them in welcome letter so that they are not showing in wedding pictures?
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