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We are back from our final site visit to Cabo and everything was terrific! We are so excited for our wedding in July and know that our guests will have a terrific time. Here is review of what we did and where we went. Let me know if you have any specific questions since I am sure I will miss something! SORRY THIS ENDED UP BEING SO LONG – I DIDN’T REALIZE I HAD SO MUCH TO TELL YOU……



We left from LAX on Saturday and I booked our tickets with American however once we got to the airport and waited in line they let me know that we had to go to the international terminal since we were now on Mexicana Airliners. This was not that big of a deal since our flight was delayed (it ended up being a 2 hour delay by the time we actually got into the air.) According to the pilot the SJD airport is really over crowded and delays are not that uncommon. It turns out on the way home we were on an American flight (which was on time.) The flights both directions were no where near full so we were able to stretch out and relax.



Scott and I worked really hard in advance to get all our OOT bags/items together as well as all the decorations for the reception so that we could take them down to Cabo with us this trip rather than in July. It worked out great! I was shocked to see how much stuff there was once we put it all in one place – crazy! Scott packed the items in bubble wrap and purchased 4 large plastic tubs that were clear and had lids on them from Lowes. The restrictions on size for our airline were 2 per person, 62” and less than 50lbs for checked bags. We found crates that were this exact size and the weight wasn’t an issue due to the items we ended up bringing (the heaviest was 35lbs.) After checking in for our flight and have the crates weighed we took them over to the TSA inspection area and had them scanned then we used zip ties and box tape and sealed them shut. We crossed our fingers that they would make it to Cabo in relatively good condition. To our surprise everything made it in one piece – nothing got damaged and we had glass candle holders and shells and all sorts of breakable items. One of the airport police/custom guys in Cabo did cut the zip ties and tape off a few of the totes when we went through the line but once he saw what was inside and we explained it was for our wedding it wasn’t an issue. Emeline at the Hilton is going to store the crates for us until the wedding in July.



We booked our airport transfers online through “Los Cabos Airport Shuttle” and paid $25.50pp for roundtrip transportation to the Hilton. The shuttle was waiting for us (even though we were late and came in on a different airline than I told them we would be on) and it was clean and new. The drivers speak a fair amount of English and were very friendly. When I got home I contacted them and asked if they would be able to give me a discount for my group in July and they responded with a quote of $243 for 17 people round-trip. I thought that rate sounded great and I asked them if I could give you all their direct email address – I am still waiting on their reply but will do so if they say that is alright.



We have stayed at the Hilton before and it is AMAZING! The hotel totally treats everyone like Kings and Queens and the staff keeps it looking brand new. They re-decorated all the rooms since we were there last in May and they look great. They are classy with a Spanish feel – very comfortable beds and pillows. If I had to think of a complaint it would be that the TV didn’t get a huge variety of channels (this isn’t a problem but I think it is funny that I still don’t know who won best picture at the Oscars!) We had a small problem with our room key not working (the battery) had to be replaced and the hotel treated us to dinner that night a one of their restaurants – totally above and beyond what was needed! I know my guests are going to love this place!



Emeline is the wedding coordinator at the Hilton and she is the BEST! She is very outgoing and friendly. We met her to do our menu tasting at one of the hotel restaurants and she came with a binder that was labeled with our names and wedding date – it was filled with my emails and details about our event – very organized. Emeline has always been great at getting back to my emails and questions. She is storing our 4 huge totes of OOT bags and décor for us – no problem was her answer (I feel bad that there was so much stuff but she didn’t even seem like it was a big deal!) The Head Chef at the Hilton also joined us for the tasting. He was extremely kind as well and willing to do anything to make our menu unique and delicious! We had pre-selected 3 appetizers, salads, entrees and deserts that we were interested in tasting. We ended up trying a few additional things that the chef had his staff quickly whip up for us after listening to our raving reviews of the items we tasted. I need to tell you Hilton girls that everything we tasted was delicious. Seriously you can not make a bad decision with your menu – it is imposable! Also the presentation is so pretty you feel bad eating the food off the plates. We were extremely impressed with our tasting appointment. After the tasting we briefly revisited the ceremony site and reception location with Emeline and discussed a few more details. We will also have a meeting with her when we come back in July to go over the specifics. The appointment with Emeline and the Chef made us even more excited for the wedding to hurry up and get here!



This location was something I really needed to nail down while we were in Cabo this time. We went to several restaurants and ate lunch / dinner there including Puerto Viejas (in Cabo) and Damiana (in San Jose.) We also walked by Baja Cantina which is located on a Beach that was packed tons of people – mostly locals. All the restaurants we ate at were good but Mi Casa is the one that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. We went to the restaurant in the early afternoon and were able to talk with one of the managers. At first he said we would have to use a group menu (the cheapest starting at $36pp) for our event but after talking to him for a while he agreed to allow our guest to order off the menu. We think this is going to be the cheapest way to go since very few of our guests will want a 3 course meal. The plated dinners here are very filling and the price is about $20 per plate. They also offer a children’s menu that is about $8pp. Scott also negotiated a free welcome drink for all our guests too. We reserved an area of the restaurant that is sort of private and has a screen up high that we can use for a slide show. (Here goes another DIY project ladies!) Overall Mi Casa is going to be the best fit for our group and I am very happy to have those details worked out!



We set up an appointment to meet Juan Carlos at the lobby bar in the Hilton. He was on time and brought an amazing photo book for us to look at. The meeting was short and sweet. He gave us some advice about how much time he needs of sunlight after the ceremony (we are hoping to move it up by a half hour.) He also recommended that we each bring something to wipe off sweat – July is hot and sweat doesn’t look good in pictures. Lastly he instructed us to get NO SUN for the 2 months before the wedding. He said the lighter you can be the better for the pictures. I thought these were good tips to pass along to everyone.



We visited 2 flower shops while on our trip. Mazarte Floral in San Jose is who the Hilton uses. We went to the shop and met with a woman who spoke English fairly well. There were 2 other ladies there making some arrangements for a wedding later that day – the flowers they were working with looked fresh. I did not see any other flowers there other than the ones they were using at the time. I think they keep them in a cooler in the back or something. We also stopped by the Flower Cart and got to talk with Francine who is American. This shop looked more like what you would find here in the states and the flowers were everywhere for you to see and smell. The quality of the flowers is very high from what I saw at the Flower Cart. I am still waiting to get quotes from both of these florists and will keep you posted.



Just wanted to make sure and push this option again! We took the city bus everywhere. The cost is $1.50pp and the bus drivers always remembered to stop right in front of our hotel for us. You might have to walk a little to get where you need to go but this is the best way to get around with out is costing a ton of money!



In the shopping mall in Cabo on the 3rd floor is a movie theater. It was hot and we had been walking around all day so we decided to check it out. They had about 8 movies showing there and 6 of them were in English with Spanish subtitles. The theater we were in had leather recliner stadium seats – it was soooo comfortable and clean. Going to the movies in the states doesn’t compare to this type of comfort!

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Did you have fun then Sarah? hehe.


That was super smart to bring down that stuff with you! Where do you store it? At the hotel?


Good find on the movie theatre too. That will be nice to tell your guests if any are interested. I love going to the movie... but I guess I should be doing better things than going to movies in mexico. LOL


You must be much more at ease knowing how everything will be set up, meeting the WC, and just being down there. WOO HOO! Did you get a good tan?

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Sarah I am so glad you had a good time! What happened with the table runners? Did you try them out on the tables or not? Just curious. It sounds like the Hilton is amazing and I know all your guests will love it there!!! Good deal on the bus too. And as a side note Mi Casa is where Jennifer Aniston spent her time at when she was in Cabo. So if it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston it's good enough for your guests! LOL.



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dmservicescabos@travelcabos.com is the dirrect email for the person who helped with the airport transfers - let them know that you heard about them from your friends Scott and Sarah so that you can get the great rates too. I was quoted $243 for 17 people from the airport to the Hilton round trip.


I got more of a sunburn than a suntan but we had a great time. I think after Juan looked at my red face he thought he should tell me not to get any sun. He said that picture really make your skin look redder than it actually is - I guess that is why no sun is best.


The movies is a great option for guest since we will be there in July and it will really hot outside. Still something people will enjoy while on vacation!


I did not try the table runners in cabo - everything was packed away and I didn't want to take it out and then not be able to get it back in the tote. HeHe.

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It sounds like everything went great Sarah. I'm so happy you got everything settled with your OOT bag tubs and decor. I wish I would have done that too! Oh well, I'll just be packing and bringing it along later...along with 2 wedding dresses and a suit and 10 days worth of clothes OMG! Did I mention I think you're smart? lol

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Sarah - welcome back! I'm so glad to hear the trip was such a success!!! I'm sure you can't wait for the wedding now!! I'll be curious to hear what the florists prices are. Thanks for the transport info too!


And about the tanning, Juan said the exact same thing to me (twice!). He kept stressing - do not get a tan, it doesn't look good in the pictures...


You are so smart to bring all of the OOT stuff down too! I like the crate idea!

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This is such a wonderful review to read! I am SO happy to hear that Emeline was so organized and that the food was so good! What items did you end up tasting?


I don't think I'm going to make it down there before my wedding so your site visit might be the closest I get to a tasting! I know you said everything was good but was there even one thing you think we should steer clear of... if you were FORCED to to pick one?


So they finished redecoratng all the rooms right? Did you love the decor? Do they have the flat screen TVs up (not that I plan on spending a ton of tiime watching TV, but hey, they're cool!).


It sounds like your trip was perfect! And what a BRILLIANT idea to bring all your stuff down ahead of time! If we do end up making it down there for the wedding I'll need to remember that trick!

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