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  1. i thought it was so scripted when reid came back and jillian acted like she couldn't make up her mind. give me a break - if she really was in love, she wouldn't have been so distressed about her decision. ed bugs me but i am curious to see what happens on the final rose show tonight & how they act together. they are also going to be on good morning america & live with regis tomorrow am (for all those bachelorette junkies out there... i'm setting up my tivo). my sister's co-worker went to high school & is good friends with kiptyn. she said he acted really jilted when he came home from the show, so she had a feeling he wasn't picked. and she says now that he is acting as if he has something big planned, so i really do think he's the next bachelor!! i wonder if they'll announce it tonight!!
  2. Ann - I missed this thread but want you to know that I think this is wonderful! I'm jealous!!! It's my dream to move to another country for a few years with my family. My sister lived in London for 2 years (3 yrs ago) - her husband also had a job transfer there. They lived in Fulham which is a GREAT area! Could you look into Fulham? The soccer stadium was just a few blocks away and on game days, the streets turned into a parade and so lively. My sister was a SAHM with her twin boys who were only 1.5 then. While she was there, she ended up getting pregnant and having her daughter in London. I'm sure she can help you with some ideas - PM me if you want her email address. She found several mom's groups and ended up enrolling the boys in a little school a few hours a week which was soooo cute - they wore uniforms. When they came home, all of the teachers in the states say that they are so well mannered and ahead of their classmates here. I know it's so hard to leave your friends and life here, but I think this will be such a great opportunity for you and Gwen and Paul. You can take weekend trips to Paris, Malaga and other fabulous places!! When you get back, all of your friends will still be there and welcome you right back and you will be more full of life for having this great adventure. Good luck getting all of the arrangements in place and I'm soooo happy for you!!!! ps - I also have good friends who have a 1.5 yr old boy that live in London and can help you with questions. I'll send you their info - they are great! The mom is English and the dad is one of my husband's best friends from CA.
  3. Melissa Rycroft: Jason Mesnick Lied About Molly Malaney - The Hollywood Gossip
  4. here's more - jason & melissa's email exchange after the break-up --> 'Bachelor' Finale Fallout: Melissa & Jason's E-Mail Conversation Revealed! - omg! news on Yahoo! melissa handled it all so well! i feel so sad for her. jason is scum and i don't like molly either. i can't believe she is moving to seattle!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS Amy!!! So glad to hear your wedding was amazing! That picture is incredible, absoultely stunning! Can't wait to see more and hear all about the big day! So happy for you!
  6. Congratulations Susan! Miss Mia is beautiful!! So very happy for you! Enjoy every second with her!!!
  7. christine - she is absolutely gorgeous!! congratulations on your beautiful, precious daughter!
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So glad sweet Ainsleigh has finally arrived! Christine - you are going to be the best mom! So very happy for you and Will! Enjoy every minute, can't wait to see pictures and hear all about her arrival!
  9. Ann - I missed the past week of this post. I am so very happy that Gwen is out of the hospital!! She really is such a fighter and a strong little one. I absolutely LOVE all of the pics of her - the bath and dinner with adorable Jack and the latest in her hotel bed. She is beautiful! Wishing you very safe travels home with your precious baby girl! Can't wait to see more pics of her really at home!
  10. Congratulations Glenda!!! How fantastic! Hope you can do something nice for yourself with your $$! Great job to all of the participants!
  11. Tammy - she is SOOO cute!! What fun to have a new puppy in the house!
  12. I agree! Tammy was SO wonderful in booking my large wedding and dealing with all of our guests and handling the deposits and last minute changes and all... I couldn't have done it without her! I still have guests comment today on how great our travel agent was! THANKS TAMMY!
  13. Congratulations Heidi!!! Welcome back and I'm so very happy for you! You look absolutely beautiful and I agree with everyone - you are truly radiating with happiness! Your pictures made me smile because you have such a huge smile and look so very happy in all of them!!! Your setting was absolutely gorgeous! I'm so glad everything went so well! Keep those pics coming, and again, a huge congratulations to you and DH! Jen
  14. I used starfish for my placecards and brought at least 100 with me to Cabo. It was no problem with customs (we kept them packaged in a box and didn't get checked).
  15. What a wonderful idea! Sarah - I LOVE the design of the book, fabulous job!! Alyssa - your guests are going to love it, what a special touch for your wedding! Jen
  16. Happy Birthday Tammy!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Enjoy your day! I hope you are spoiled today and have a great day!
  17. Congratulations Kate!!! Great review - I'm so glad everything went so very well for you! I loved reading your review and reliving the Dreams experience a little! Your wedding sounds amazing and you look so happy in the pics. I can't wait to see Juan's photos! Jen
  18. I can't believe I missed this also! You girls move fast!!! Tammy - you deserve this! You are such a caring wonderful person, I'm glad the girls here could do something for you.
  19. Yay - so glad you got the food - I hope you like it!! We are all thinking about you and Steve, the proud new parents! We wish you all the happiness in the world with baby Jackson!! congrats again, so happy for you to be a mom! xo - Jen
  20. On my site visit, this is what we did: *Meet with WC (from hotel & private coordinator Maye - we had a ton of questions to ask both) *Meet with Photographer *Meet with DJ *Food Tasting (we did ours at Dreams, determine menu for rehearsal dinner & wedding reception, if you are using multiple places, be sure to check all of them out) *Cake Tasting (we used Jennifer Hatton but you could try a few) *Spa visit *Take lots of pictures of wedding location sites (an actual wedding may be going on if you are lucky) *Visit local market (downtown Cabo) to see if we could buy things for OOT bags, also check out local super market *Check on transportation *Contact Mariachi *Hair / Make-up trial (i never did this, but some people do) *Videographer (i decided to hire one 2 days before the wedding so i never met him ahead of time but you could) good luck! you will have fun!!! Jen
  21. Congratulations Tammy & Steve!! I am thrilled for both of you to be parents! Welcome Jackson - we can't wait to see you! Jen
  22. Tammy - we are all thinking about you!! hang in there these last few days, I'm sorry it's been so rough lately. It will all be worth it when you see sweet little Jackson's face!! Don't worry about your weight gain - you will lose it all very quickly and a bigger healthier baby is a better sleeper!! I'm so excited for you and Steve - Jackson will be here anyday! Jen
  23. We used a really simple bamboo arch covered by white tulle. Since we got married on the beach, I kept the flowers really simple. My photographer (Juan) did say to be careful with the arches because a lot of the ceremony pictures may be taken from the back of the arch, so you need to be sure both sides are decorated. Just FYI... let us know what you decide! Jen
  24. Yay Tammy! So glad you got the DVD! I LOVE your pictures so much! You look gorgeous and you and Cain look so very happy and in love!!
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