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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Cherielee would you ship the garter to canada... Sure! PM your info.
  2. I'm waiting to hear back from someone on the 35 cutters. If they do not want them Vtello you are next on the list.
  3. I have a few items left over from the wedding. Please PM me if you are interested. Flip Flop-Shaped Playing Cards- from Oriental Trading Company 2 Dozen SOLD! Raffia hand fans- from Oriental Trading Company 9 with aqua ribbon (should remove easily) Asking $3.00 plus shipping Aqua Garder- From David's Bridal Never worn paid $8 Asking $5 free shipping A Day to Remember- Music for your Beach Wedding I used some of the songs for the ceremony. SOLD! Fabric OOT bags- Can't remember the website 5 left- 2 yellow, 3 orange $3 free shipping Starfish Cookie Cutters in White Organza bags with sugar cookie recipe I used these at my AHR- bought way to many 65-Bought the cookie cutters at Michael's for $.69 and organza bags from Papermart.com SOLD!
  4. I want to download an actual DVD to my computer and then be able to convert it for my Ipod. The trouble I have been having is when you open the DVD through the my computer section it has about 20 different files and I have no idea if I need all of them or a certain one.
  5. Does anyone know how to download a DVD movie to their computer? And then download it to an Ipod?
  6. Thanks everyone! Prices for hotel and airfare range from $1000-1300 for the both of us. I guess I need to determine what hotel. Does anyone have any recommendations on activities while we are there?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by neen I've been to SPI a couple times and really liked it...very laid back (as long as its not spring break season). I think it just got pounded by the hurricane though...not sure if there was damage.... Very cool, what hotel did you stay at? Once we find a hotel I'm going to call and ask about the hurricane damage, if any.
  8. Matt and I wanted to do a mini honeymoon in Oct/Nov since we didn't do anything after the wedding. Airfare has pretty much killed any of the ideas we have come up with (5 night cruise turns into $2200, AI resort airfare is about $500 each). Has anyone ever been to S Padre Island? Any tips/pointers/recommendations? (I know it just got hit by Dolly, but I'm expecting it to be back to usual by the time we go) For some reason I've always been interested in going there. I've seen/heard on tv that it is a big spring break place. However, I don't want to go during that time. We are trying to keep it around $1200 total (hotel & air) for the both of us.
  9. I haven't gotten all of mine back yet, but here is one from the photographers blog. As sexy as we get
  10. What a great deal!! Matt and I want to go somewhere in Nov-Dec this year. This might be a great deal for us.
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