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  1. Hi, I just got married at the Moon Palace and used Cecilia Dumas. She was affordable and fantastic. Not to mention an absolute sweetheart! Wedding photography | Cecilia Dumas, Cancun y Riviera Maya | Imagenes de Bodas Good luck!
  2. aw, thanks and what a sweet thing to say jenn!
  3. Hi there & welcome! I got married at the Moon Palace in April of this year and it was phenomenal! Absolutely wonderful!!
  4. thanks Ann! I was wondering how that happened! You ladies are super helpful!
  5. Hi there... I got married at MP a couple of weeks ago and have to say that I loved the disco at the MP. We went there almost every night. Sure it was all the same music, really loud, etc, but as someone who doesn't dance all that often, being on vacation made everyone in our party cut loose and have a great time! I loved that it was right there and that we didn't have to take a 25 minute taxi ride up to the bars. We did plan a shuttle through Elite Travel for one night into Cancun for a small group of girls (14 of us) and it was $59 one way. We actually ended up cancelling it at the last minute b/c several of us were super hungover from the night before, and the rest had plenty of cocktails with dinner and didn't know exactly how long we'd make it in the night, and didn't want to be so far from our resort...
  6. very impressive. how come i couldn't do that? you're awesome.... this is a link to the designers pic of the dress... http://victoriasbridalsalon.net/cart...ge/590_LRG.jpg
  7. Hm... here is a link to my shutterfly slideshow... Perhaps that will work... http://tinyurl.com/5qqr8k
  8. I was trying to but it kept telling me that my upload failed... any hints?? I think my files might be too big...
  9. Hello ladies... Gorgeous Marisa 590 wedding dress for sale. I wore this dress for my wedding in Mexico and it was beautiful!! It is an "unaltered" size 18, I am a street size 14. The bodice remains unaltered, one of the two crinolines was removed from the gown to make it less "poufy" and a very casual bustle was added. I am a size 36DD chest and am 5'7" and wore this dress with 3.5" heels. The dress is silk white with white alencon lace. It is absolutely stunning. It retailed for $2250, I paid $1850 plus $200 to remove the crinoline and add the bustle. The dress has been "green" cleaned but not preserved. I am asking $950 or best offer plus shipping. Please feel free to contact me for photos or for more information at cmouimet@att.net. I LOVED wearing this dress and would love for someone else to be able to enjoy it at a fraction of what I paid for it!! Please contact me with any questions! Me: Designer Picture: Claire
  10. oh hooray! welcome! we just got back from getting married at the moon palace and everything was perfect!!! best of luck in your planning! claire
  11. Hey there! Sorry I haven't posted a review of MP yet, but I just saw your post and thought I'd share a quick pic or two. We got married in the Tucan Gazebo and had our cocktail hour on the Tucan Terrace... very similar to the Venado but in a little less traveled area... Our reception was on the Art Terrace, the only outdoor but covered terrace, I'll see if I can find some pics of that too.
  12. Hey there... Congrats! I'm a MP bride too... we actually leave this Friday for our April 17 wedding... everyone here has been super helpful! Good luck with all of your plans!
  13. Hi there... I am thinking about carrying on my 50 pencil starfish placecards when we fly into Cancun next week... will I have trouble getting them through customs? Last time we were in MX a woman in our line had to throw out some sort of fresh tea or something like that and I was just thinking, crap, am I going to get a hard time for bring in 50 little dead carcasses? Anyone done this already?
  14. Try to do a search by her name... I know that she has been a recommended photographer for the Paradisus. There are a bunch of Paradisus girls on here who might be able to help you. I believe that people were very pleased with her.
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