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  1. If anyone has any questions...i got married at Moon Palace in January and had a great experience...email me at reenyf415@yahoo.com Congrats to you all you will not be disappointed in your big day.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom Hey KBMD! It depends if you're doing a legal ceremony or not - the MP offers legal and non-legal ceremonies. Do you know which you're doing? The wedding types are Civil, Catholic, and Symbolic. Yes I am doing to Civil so it should be legal Im just afraid that NY state wont recognize it. I think every state has their own rules regarding outside of the country weddings I leave on Sunday you would think i researched this s bit more haha. oh well
  3. I live in NY and was wondering if my marriage in Mexico is going to be legal when i get back! Does anyone wknow this answer??
  4. Has anyone seen Dez lately. She was suppose to go to MP for a site visit last month and she never came back!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Anthony'sGirl Oh that sucks Oh well, I'm booknig a private function anyways, but it would have been nice to receive the free one obviously! Thanks for clearing that up though!! Has anyone dealt with Yudelka Kok at the Miami Office?? I spoke with her once on the phone and she seemed nice enough. I emailed her today and asked her a few things.. including if she could send a request for an on-site coordinator because I have many questions and budgeting to do! Just any feedback on her would be great Thanks! I am dealing with Yudelka in Miami. Good luck getting assigned to anyone through her. Im getting Married January 23rd and i keep telling her about my budgeting issues and she wont budge on assigning me anyone. She gave me the name of someone whos name escapes me now so i emailed them but no response. Shes very nice yudelka and gets back to you in a short time but she wont give you any added information on anything. Very frustrating.
  6. This is such crap ! I keep hearing no no no a WC isnt assigned to you yet meanwhile I am getting married January 23, 09. What is that about? haha So frustrating..... (sorry had to vent)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Dez921714 In exactly 2 weeks, FI and I will be on vacation at the MP I've arranged a wedding site inspection and a resort inspection. I've also been assigned my weddng coordinator. Has anyone worked with Lily Sanchez? I'm off to do a search HOW DID YOU GET ASSIGNED A WC ALREADY!!!!!!!!! you are so lucky we are a week behind each other and i havent heard SQUAT. haha.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennifer43 The cost for the beach set up varies depending on what you want. For just the arch it is about $350 in 2009 and if you want all the flowers too it goes up to about $850. I think this has caused people to not do the beach set up since its a little pricy. I have some photos and info that the WC sent me if you would like to see them. Send me a PM and I will forward it to you. I am doing the beach set up thing as well.. How did you get the prices of the set ups? Did someone send you prices pictures of what they can do at all? I didnt know it would be so much more money. I wonder what like a $400 set up would look like, if it would look cheesy at all?
  9. Hey Melissa you look GORGEOUS! I was wondering if you know the name of the person who did you hair bc that is EXACTLY how i want mine done and i cant find pictures anywhere of it. Also Did they provide the flower or did you bring your own? Thanks so much Im having such a hard time finding pictures to show them when im down there.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by CitrusBride hello everyone! i've just gotten back from my week long vacation at the moon palace and i have to say- i am so excited to have chosen mp for our wedding location. melissa - sorry to have missed you but glad you had an amazing time! i took pictures of all of the gazebos and terraces for all of you. i know that theres some pictures already on here - but i thought it would help. =] once i get them uploaded to my computer and figure out how to post pics i'll have them up! it was an amazing experience. amazing. i loved everything about it except for the excursion to chichen-itza. the entire day was a sales pitch for handcrafts and 'helping out the mayan people' but it was all very pushy and staged. the bus stopped at a 'mayan family home' but it was not that at all. it was a store/restaurant with really high prices. it really put me off. i would not go back there again until they remove the vendors from the ancient city. 700 vendors selling the same items and harrassing you everywhere you go. it was hard to enjoy the beauty of the ruins. but with that said - the excursion to isla mujeres was my favorite day of the week. it was just gorgeous. i'd definitely do that next year. the pools, restaurants, grounds of the moon palace were so clean and i could not have asked for more. the bars by the pools served softer drinks than the lobby bar or the beach lounge. the beach lounge was my favorite place to be after sundown. its down on the sand and there's swing chairs around the bar, instrumental music playing, hte sound of the waves, and comfy lounge chairs. any questions - please just ask... i cannot wait to get my invitations together now! Thats AWESOME!!! i totally forgot you were going in August and now your back already. TIme sure does fly! I cant wait to see your pictures thats really sweet of you to do that for everyone. Did you see any wedding go on while you were there??
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by cutierosie That Sounds AWESOME! remind me again, do we have to pay extra for this? Some of the tours are free if you have the Palace pass. And some are an additional charge. I told her that was the one thing i HAD to do when I was down there so that was like my wedding gift from her. Swimming with the dolphins costs like around $160 per person for a half hour. She was able to get that for us free and unlimited paradise snorkling, free calls to US and Canada free wet and wild pass etc for all of us that are going. If you have a travel agen helping you out I would try and get that too. There is a promotion going on now for free dolphin swim that ends at the end of Dec. Im getting married in Jan so she pushed to extend it for us. Im not sure if they will do that for those who are getting married in say March or April. I would try it out though!
  12. If anyone was wondering the tours for 2009 are available . My travel agent was able to get us all free swimming with the dolphins for me my fiance and all of our guests. I think so far thats the coolest thing about this trip hahaha
  13. I think Ive decided not to stress out on anything until I am assigned a WC. I am going to be calling them nonstop at 90 days prior to my wedding until I get one, but this is CRAZINESS. I dont know how you girls are doing it. Im dying over here.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Dez921714 I have a question...I think it's more so for those already married at the MP (but if you know the answer, I don't care if you're married already or not lol). Has anyone else done the legal ceremony AND had the non-denominational minister? We are having both and I was wondering what the minister says and about how long it is. We want to add the sand cermony and have it read by my sister (MOH) and we were thinking of having our mom's read the hand cermony (because it makes me cry every time I read it) and we have really close friends doing a reading from Dr. Seuse's "The Places You Will Go". I'm afraid it might be too much, but I don't want the ceremony to be over in 10 minutes and I love all the aspects of it. There's a seperate thread coming on if it's too much but right now I'm concerned with how the resorts things go (ideas of what they say, how long it is, etc) I dont have the answer to your question but how cute are you with your Name/Picture thingy. Love it.