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  1. I was married legally at the Hilton and I have had no problems with changing my name over. I did request 10 certified copies the day of our wedding but I have not had to mail an original copy. I have changed my SSI, DMV, Bank stuff....I am still in the process of changing things but haven't had any trouble.
  2. I too was married at the Hilton. I wanted laterns but in the end thougt they would be too much trouble since I had to get everything. My husband strung white globe lights over the dance floor and it looked great...just how I had envisioned. I didn't worry about lighting and it was just fine. Our dinner/reception was held at the Sun Fun Hut.
  3. Hi Sarah, I actually did two. One for our welcome dinner and one for our party at home. It was so much fun! We used Windows Movie Maker. So easy to add pictures, movies, titles.
  4. Hi Gloria, Although I am getting married in Cabo...in 1 week....we absolutely love Playa del Carmen. We visited a year ago and if it wasn't so far....I would have loved to get marreid there. Good Luck with everything!
  5. Tasha, So exciting! The pictures are excellent and everything looked so wonderful. Congrats to you.
  6. That is so exciting that you will get to see Tasha today. I can't wait to her about it!!
  7. So exciting Tasha!! Like all the other girls...can't wait to hear all about it!
  8. Hi Andrea, Oh that is close. Such a small world. Matt lived in Costa Mesa before we moved to HB. Yes, we are getting legally married in Cabo. It was a super tough decisions for us but I really wanted it there.
  9. Hi Kashmira, I have a question...what do you mean you when you say...you won't submit until you get back? Do you mean submit paperwork to change your name? I hope I am not missing anything. I called the courts here locally and was told if I were to get legally married in Mexico (which we are doing) that we did not have to file anything at the courts here.
  10. Hi Jenesis, You can ask all the questions you want. I orginally told Emeline 40. I wanted to go lower and if we grew then it would be okay. We estimated 40 because for us that was a safe number. We are happy with 49. It will be all adults and 1 child. Of course, we did invite many more however...we guessed from the beginning who would go and who wouldn't. We were pretty close. I did send out invites to those I knew wouldn't come or couldn't come. I sent out 55 invitations. I have an excel spreadsheet that is color coded as to who we thougth would come. 80% one color, 50% another color, 30% another color and definitely "no" another. I continuously updated this spreadsheet and it worked perfect for me. We are having our dinner/dancing at the Sun Fun Hut. We liked this best for us since it is more off to the side. Our ceremony and cocktail reception will be on the beach.
  11. Hi Jenesis, I am getting very excited. As of today we have 49 people confirmed included Matt & I. However, I received a call from my mom that my cousin and his wife are trying to come...so it could go up to 51 but I kind of doubt it. I just sent off my 2nd deposit today which is 80% of estimated charges. I am still going over small details with Emeline. I drew diagrams for her and emailed them today. Now I am just working on welcome note for bags...place cards, seating diagram, table names. I also just completed a video montage for the welcome reception that turned out wonderful!!! My dress is being made and I went for my 2nd fitting today. It should be done in a couple weeks which is fine cause I don't need it at my house. Sarah, thank you for the advice on the crates/plastic boxes. We went to Lowes yesterday and bought 3 for now so I can see how much stuff I can get into each. Wow...$23.50pp for fish is great!
  12. Thank you so much for the information. We will go look at Lowes. We are also flying American/Mexican too! I have already emailed the transportation people and let them know you & Scott referred us. I let you know what they say & keep you posted. Oh...we are using Francine from the Flower Cart. I spoke & met with Martha the girl that Hilton referred (back in Oct.) but she was way more expensive. Flowers are not super important to us so we went with Francine. She was super easy to deal with & pricing seemed reasonable. I also ordered some flowers in "bunches" as Janet had mentioned. I appreciate all your help!
  13. Hi Sarah, I just read your review....it was great. So of course I had many questions...in reponse to it. But your review made me so happy!! I am happy everything went wonderful! I am so excited but I left alot of small things for the end....so I am trying to get everything done (table assignments, welcome note for bag, finish bag, printed menus....etc.) We are leaving on the 3rd, so a month from today. I can't believe it.
  14. Oh my gosh Sarah.....I love your review. Thank you! It makes me SO excited for my own wedding at the Hilton. Yes, Emeline has been a pleasure to work with for us too. I want to get more information from you on the crates you mentioned. Were these crates in addition to the plastic boxes you got from Lowes? Are the crates from Lowes? We are going to have to take many boxes with us and we have some family each willing to take some too. Your ideas for transport are great and I may need to do the exact same thing. So you sent the boxes through TSA security and they put the ties on? Sorry so many questions about this....but I was super nervous about this very same thing since we are talking ALL of our decor (including many breakables). You said it was hot there....was it warm at night too or did it get cool? I am wondering how cool in will be at night in April? About transportation....was this just you and Scott or was it a bunch of guests on the same ride to the Hilton? For your 17 guests....will they all be picked up from the airport at the same time? How does this work? I want to contact this company for us and our guests. I will definitely let them know you & Scott referred us!! Great to know about the bus too! Hmmmm....I think those are my only questions for now. I am sure I will re-read your review. Maybe I should have given you a PM. Again, thanks for all your information. Kristi
  15. Hi Sarah, How did your trip down to Cabo go? I haven't been on the site for a few days...did you post anything about the trip? I am trying to wrapped up all my details with Emeline as we are close to a month away! Your menu sounds great!
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