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  1. Hi Everyone! I was married in Cabo last year and could not have done it without this forum. My friend is looking for a destination for her 2009 wedding and liked the Caribbean. She said though that she can not find a hotel that does not charge site fees. In Cabo, as long as you had a minimum room block, there was no site fee. Are any of you having your weddings at places with no site fees? Any suggestions for her? Thanks!
  2. All of our friends stayed out until 4AM every night and took cabs back to the Hilton. You can get these big van cabs downtown and negotiate a rate, like $10/person of whatever it is.
  3. I was married at the Hilton in November and only used outside venders. I hired Maye as my WC, and paid $675 TOTAL for all her services. She got us venders for all three nights of events, plus did all the day of coordination. She saved me WAY more than $675 because she got such good prices. My trio for the beach bonfire hired through her was great, and I think they were $300/hr, which was 50% cheaper than the Hiltons.
  4. We are Jewish and I swear no Rabbi exists in Cabo. We even looked into flying a Rabbi in from Mexico City. We had to bring one with us.
  5. So i just received our fantastic wedding pictures, which Sergio posted them on pictage for us to order. I could not believe when isaw it is $10 for a single 4X6. They are running a special now that is is 2 for 1, so $5, but that still seems so expensive, considering I want to order so many. Do they run any different specials/promotions? Is there any other way to order the pictures?
  6. Hi Everyone! We just returned from 10 days in Cabo and I know its sounds cliche, but our wedding was for sure the best week of my life Thanks to all of you, we were able to plan our absolute dream wedding. Everything went perfectly, and the whole night our friends were telling us it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Nothing beats spending 4 days in Cabo with your 50 closest friends. So here is my review: Thursday night: Family dinner at Mi Casa- B We took 18 family members to Mi Casa the night they arrived in Cabo. Mi Casa is great if you want something casual. The reason I gave it a B rather than an A because of little things, such as I had emailed to confirm about 5 times, yet they still did not have enough chairs, the service was really slow, etc. Nothing that bothered me for a casual family dinner, but might have bothered me if we had all 55 people. The food was good though and the atmosphere was fun. Hotel: The Hilton and Mara Perez- A++++ I can not say enough good things about the Hilton and Mara. The hotel itself is amazingly beautiful. Our guests could not stop commenting how great the rooms were and everyone was really impressed. Even though we only had 55 people, I felt like the hotel was really catering to us. We were able to save about 15 chairs every morning, which was perfect for our group because we spent the whole time in the pool. The hotel was really relaxed about our group, not really saying much when we brought down music to the pool, coolers with beers, etc. The Hilton is just such a classy hotel. Mara is amazing. She made me feel comfortable and at ease, and she did an amazing job of showing me how important our wedding was to her. Everything went perfectly, and I had a ton of requests. I would seriously pick the Hilton based on Mara alone. Friday night- Beach bonfire- the Hilton A- We had a welcome beach bonfire for all of our guests on Friday night. I had ordered light food and a minimum bar, and literally, it was so much food and drinks, I was surprised how low the price was. It was seriously dinner for $22/person. We did a ceviche station and a burrito station, and it looked so awesome. We also did unlimited beer and margs, which kept costs down but everyone loved because they were on the beach. We got the bonfire, which I am glad we did because it was perfect for roasting smores. We also decided last minute on a trio, which totally set the atmosphere and was worth it. They were great, but I do not know the name. Anyone using Maye can ask her. The only negative was that the space was large. If I was doing it again, I would ask Mara to make the space smaller. Saturday night- La Panga- A We love La Panga. It is seriously one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever seen, and the food is top notch. They were easy to work with and worked within our budget. It was so nice, it could have been an actual wedding party!! We used the entire garden, which provided a great private space for slideshow, speeches, cocktail, etc. After La Panga, we had planned for Steve and I to say good-bye and not see each other again. My girl friends and I went back to my balcony to drink champagne. 20 minutes later, Steve arrived with a trio, all the guys, and bottles of tequila and champagne. I have never been so surprised in my whole life, and our best friends spent the night taking tequila shots and dancing. It was probably my best memory of the whole wedding. So if any guys are reading this....do this!! Hair and Make-up: Suzzanne Morel- A This is hard, because I hate "bridal hair" and a ton of make-up. However, Paulina from suzzane morel was prompt and easy to work with, so I would recommend her. I would skip the hair trial though..it was really expensive and I think I could have just done it the day of. Cake- Jen Hatton- A We chose a 4 tier cake with two types: Vanilla cake with key lime French creme and dark chocolate with nutella French creme. The cake was awesome, but everyone was dancing the whole time so no one really ate it! So Steve and I spent 3 days on out honeymoon sitting in bed eating cake and drinking champagne Maye Cortinas- A++++ I could not have done this all without Maye. She did everything for me: bought maracas, arranged bus transportation, organized champagne toast, did everything day of behind the scenes, etc. I had nothing to worry about, and for me, $675 was worth every penny! DJ Ricardo- A+ We loved our DJ. He met with us the day before to see what we liked. He sort of stuck with our playlist, but we didnt care because he kept almost every single person dancing all night. We played a ton of hip-hop, and I have never seen so many people dancing at a wedding! Sergio Reyes- A Sergio (photographer) was easy to work with and significantly less expensive than some of the other photographers in Cabo. We will see when we get our pictures! Flower Cart- A We changed florists because I wanted bright orange roses, and only the Flower Cart could get them. The Flower Cart is expensive, but I felt it was worth it. I loved my bouquet so much I ended up not tossing it! So there is my review. As you can see...a ton of A's There are two things I would have done differently. I had arranged for a churros and hot chocolate buffet at the end of the night of the wedding. I paid alot for it, and no one ate it at all. Everyone was more focused on getting more drinks before the bar closed! Also, we had spent alot on the cocktail party. We had a full mariachi band, but because our cocktail site was next to our reception site, people were scattered and sat in their seats during the cocktail party. I would have chosen a different site for the cocktail that was further from the reception site. We spent the last 3 nights by ourselves at the One and Only Palmilla. This might have been the most romantic hotel I have ever been to and perfect for a honeymoon! If anyone can tell me how to upload pics I will!
  7. My last dress fitting is this Saturday, and for some reason, I always assumed you could not have any train on your dress if you were getting married on the beach. For some reason, I imagined dragging behind me as I walked down the aisle a huge pile of sand and rocks. So I was either going to have the dress cut, or perm. bustle it. I just saw some great pictures though that did show people having trains on the beach. Any suggestions? What did you do?
  8. With this forum, I am sure you do not need a site visit. There are a ton of Hilton brides. My wedding is in a couple weeks, and I can let you know what we picked for food. During out tastings, there were some items we loved, and some we hated.
  9. I read this and thought it was amusing...but 100% did not agree with it. They basically support only being a vegan..and urge you to eat nothing but organic "processed" food, like all morningstar farms and stuff. It is a cute read, but I would take it with a grain of salt!
  10. Thank you so much! I am SHOCKED by how expensive the champagne is...those prices are almost double what it is here. Guess we will just be doing a champagne toast! Quote: Originally Posted by jak27 Drum roll please… Ladies, this is what I found after scouring the aisles of Costco in Cabo. I hope I got everything you all needed, plus I threw in a few fun things as well! Without further ado, here are Costco options and pricing! All prices are in pesos! Liquor: Bacardi 1.75L $159 Absolute 1L $175 Grey Goose 750ml $349 Cuervo Margarita Mix 1L $43.51 Malibu 75ml $139 Jack Daniels 1L $295 Tequila: Cuervo Espec. 990ml $105 Corralejo 1L $175 Cazadores 1L $215 Don Julio Blanco 750ml $219 Don Julio Reposado 1L $359 Champagne & Wine (for Alisarosenbaum): Moet $495 Moet Nectar $535 Veuve $535 Taittinger Rose $655 Kirkland’s (this is Costco brand) $285 Cook’s $98 Yellowtail Shiraz $99 They also had a great selection of wine, including Coppola, Blackstone, Ravenswood, etc. Beer: Corona (cans) Case $185 Corona (bottles) Case $175 Dos Equis $155 They didn’t have any Pacifico, which is my favorite Mexican beer! They better get some in stock by November! Bottled Water/Cokes: Kirkland 16oz bottles, 35 bottles $70 Kirkland baby bottles (maybe 8oz?), 70 bottles $12 (that doesn’t look right to me, might have jotted that one down wrong?) Diet Coke 24 cans $130 (the rest of the Cokes were in the same price range) Flowers (for Clussy75): 24 Roses $169 They had at the store 33 dozen roses, in red, pink, yellow, white, orange & peach Mixed bouquets $129 Fun Food & OOT stuffers: Jelly Belly jelly beans $109 (can be put into small clear plastic bags with a sticker of your logo and tied with raffia, which would be so cute!) Chocolates filled with tequila, Malibu, Khalua, bag of approx. 50 pieces for $79 Mini Tostitos (packaged in individual servings) 24 pack for $115 Gigantic marshmallows (pink & white), maybe the size of two golf balls, perfect for S’mores! Didn’t get the price coreyphil, I did not find any mirrors or candles at Costco. I know, weird. I made FI walk up & down every aisle and neither of us saw any? Ok ladies, I think that’s it! Let me know if I have forgotten anything! Hope this helps!
  11. Thanks Jen! She actually just emailed me back and we are talking on Monday also.
  12. I am a little confused about the menu cards. The Hilton is making our guests order their main courses ahead of time, so they do not really have an option at the wedding. Do we still do menu cards at each seat? It seems kind of silly because people have already ordered. What do you think? If we do not do menu cards, do we place anything on the plate?
  13. Is it "Mara Perez" <mara.perez@hilton.com>? I also wanted to arrange for a conference call with her.
  14. Ughhh...I leave in 4 weeks for my wedding. Worst timing!
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