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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Sandra E. I did the same thing. We went to the JP of the peace the Friday before we left and had a symbolic ceremony in Cabo. Made things a lot easier. Welcome to the forum! Hey Sandra my fellow Dallas-Mexico bride! Trevor and I are back to bid D after our symbolic wedding in Cabo and need to go to the JP to legalize but are having trouble finding info. could you tell me how/where in dallas you did this? thanks!!! addie
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by cheese_diva Great review! Who made your cake? It's very pretty! I'm so glad everything went as well as it did.. sounds stress free and everything looks wonderful. Thanks! Jennifer Hatton made the delicious cake, but I actually made the decorations! Wahoo! go me! I bought these really nice fake flowers that were already on twigs and vines (it looked very forest like) and I added gold butterflies. I glued a few dark fake peonies and added gold glitter spray. yeah!
  3. (I'm telling one of my bridesmaids boyfriends of 8 years that I'm throwing the bouquet to her!) Feeling good in my second dress!!!! We had fireworks after I gave my Thank You speech! They were so close!!! Chill-axin by the pool at the Sheraton!
  4. Whew! We are back from our week in Cabo! What a whirlwind! We had an amazing time and beautiful wedding. It was perfect. I know cliché…but it really was. We had 50 family and friends including 6 bridesmaids, 5 groomsmen, 2 ushers and one fairy princess flower girl. Here are some reviews and non-pro pics. (I have to warn you, all the reviews are good! Which is why I’m not rating anything, you would get nauseous at all my A+++++++) Transportation: Funjet and AeroMexico We left Wednesday morning July 2nd, way too early. I was super apprehensive and nervous about these two as I’ve read crappy reviews about them both on this forum and the internet. Well, our experience was great! It was 5 am at the DFW terminal and here I come barreling towards the check in with my huge-ass wedding dress garment bag. I smile at the lady and say “We’re Getting Married!!!!†yes I was exhausted and delirious from no sleep in 2 days from finishing crafts! Luckily, the woman checking us in was also in a mood not usually seen at the airport that early and immediately took care of us and bumped us to first class. Wahoo! Once we arrived at Cabo Airport it was smooth sailing. Even though we had way too many things coming in to cabo, luckily I had my receipts (thank you BDWF) and even though the guy laughed at my huge note (NOTHING OVER $300 written in huge Spanish block letters) he happily let us through. Cabo’s Clouds and Sprinkles of Rain on Our First Day (Wed. july 2nd) What? I couldn’t have read that right. Cabo NEVER rains especially not in July. That’s what I thought too. Trevor…why is it suddenly cloudy? Panic sets in. We immediately check the weather reports and to my terror I see clouds and thunderstorms for Wed, Thurs and Friday. WTF!!!!! Didn’t I spend the first four months of planning this stupid @#$%^ wedding trying to figure out which exotic locale did NOT rain on my parade. I spent the next few hours panicking. Luckily, amy my WC eased my fears and I tried to put it to the back of my mind. (Just FYI, the first day was the only that was cloudy and had mild sprinkling that night. It actually cooled off and was perfectly clear and hot for the rest of the trip even though every day weather.com said it was going to have scattered thunderstorms my weather god’s had better plans for me!!!!) Sheraton I really think this resort is great. Is it perfect? No. Is it a posh super exclusive luxury retreat? No. But it’s beautiful, secluded and really reasonably priced for my guests with plenty of pools and 2-for-1 happy hours. I love the old world Spanish vibe the place has. There were a few bobbles. Some construction and water snafus for some of our guests but otherwise everyone enjoyed themselves. Pithayas: This restaurant however is super above and beyond wonderful (again with the use of “Super†I know it’s late and my brain hurts. It’s been a long week!) Trevor and I ate there for our last two nights and I got the same thing twice it was so good! Lobster risotto with shrimp. Delicious! DeCortez is also really good. The Sheraton food did not disappoint! Private Villa in Del Cabo Honestly, this was the best decision we made for the whole wedding. It allowed us to have a destination wedding with the comforting feeling that the villa was our home and I was having the ceremony and reception in the backyard (granted it helps that the ceremony was on a beautiful beach down below and the reception backyard was a $5 million villa-but you get the picture). The views were so breathtaking and the house was comforting and magnificent at the same time. Uh! I miss it! Welcome Party Well, originally we were supposed to have a welcome dinner cruise, but Cabo’s crazy waves and swells called that off. So being the very cool customer she was, Amy effortlessly through together a welcome dinner and cocktail party at the villa (with 4 hours notice. Really? Yes, she kicks ass.) It was perfect and most of our guests admitted to me later they were so happy we didn’t go on a boat because they get seasick. The food was amazing and the service and bartenders were wonderful. Rehearsal Dinner This took place July 4th (our 6 year dating anniversary…yeah!) at Nikki Beach and The Passion Club at the ME Cabo. This is a sexy hotel. Very Miami style, beds on the beach cool vibe. I loved it! The food and drinks were great and afterward we had a surprise for our guests…an incredible performance from firedancers and these very talented drummers. It was quite a show! Trevor and I wanted our beauty sleep and went back to the Villa by midnight. We had planned all along to sleep apart the night before but he loved staying at the villa and I really wanted him to stay there! I did sneak out early in the morning to go walk on the beach and his friends came and got him so technically the day of we did not see eachother! Ceremony Setup/Runway Clean, white, crisp just like I’d imagined. I was a little stressed springing the extra dough for the runway, but it was worth it! Rabbi Ian Adler, Pacific Synagogue Words cannot describe this man! He was a godsend. We were so lucky to find him (again, thank you bdw) He made our whole ceremony. He was sentimental, witty, and extremely charismatic. He made it personal and both informal and formal. Wow. And if you are into that, he is a gorgeous 6’4†drink of water. What? I’m married not dead! Flowers These were lovely. My bouquet was all white roses (both regular and English) and white cymbidium orchids. My girls ( I had 6) carried yellow roses and Trev had a white cymbidium orchid (he was the only guy with a suit jacket). Beautiful flowers were used in both the bowls for cocktail hour and the trees for reception and also as lily pads for the pool (plus mist/fog! how cool!) Suzanne Morrel This woman rocks. She was super involved in my whole process including hair trial and day of. She even did my hair and the finishing touches on my makeup.I had a hair trial, 6 bridesmaids and 2 moms doing hair and makeup, chair massages and a few of us had mani-pedis. They were a great team even though I was up and down and running around all day like a maniac (in my defense I was the only one who knew were everything was) Bradley Fraser Photographer Bradley is amazing. Cool and Calm and very artistic. I loved how he explained why he wanted certain shots and you could tell his process and how he saw each picture and light like a work of art. LOVE IT and LOVE HIM!!!! We also did a trash the dress session Monday morning which was so much fun! I can’t wait for his pics! Lazy Gourmet This is an incredible vendor who did our reception food, drink and rentals. They are totally professional top notch and made our reception. Linens, Chairs, Rentals The choices they helped me pick and their huge tree and votive centerpieces really played up my Midsummer Night’s Dream theme. Drink and Food Incredible! Light, fresh and amazing creativity in each dish. We had a sit down dinner that included Ceviche served in a half coconut Crab and Avocado Salad Choice of Seabass or Filet Mignon Smores Bar (for Trevors grooms cake) Late Night Grilled Cheese and Strawberry Mini Shakes Our 2 signature Drinks were: “A Midsummer Night’s Drink†Ginger infused Vodka and Kaffir Limeade “A Midsummer Night’s Mojito†Frozen Raspberry Mojito Videographer Dino He was great! Dino and Bradley worked really well together! DJ Antares Very cool DJ. He played some great stuff and really kept the party flowing. Cocktail Hour Guitar player This guy was great. He played really chill music and added a nice touch to our cocktail hour. I wish I remembered his name but I know he went to the Berkley school of music and is really talented. Classical Trio I could only here what I walked down the aisle to (Romeo and Juliet Love Theme) and the piece my dad wrote for our recessional but they were wonderful. Amy Abbott/FLC From the very beginning amy has been awesome. She really came through and made sure every thing went smoothly. Best of all, she hooked us up with really amazing vendors. In my mind I think we got above and beyond what I expected and especially what we could have done on our budget in Dallas. Fiestas Los Cabos and especially Amy are totally worth their fee. I know some wc are less expensive but for me having Amy totally saved the day especially with our little waves-too-big-no-sunset-cruise fiasco. And she never let us see her sweat. She was calm and proficient and very cool. Perfect for a relaxed destination wedding! Cake I wish I could have eaten more! Luckily we got to take our top layer to the honeymoon suite and we ate nearly the whole thing! YUM! We had carrot cake and vanilla cream cheese frosting! The other two layers were lemon cake and coconut frosting and chocolate cake with nutella frosting. I made the décor for the cake at home to tie into my Midsummer Theme. Well that’s all for now. I’m going to bed!!!!
  5. addisonreed1113

    Tara Null - Fiestas Los Cabos

    I'm so sorry you had this experience! I am using Amy Abbott from FLC for my wedding in 2 weeks and our whole experience (including a site visit and meeting with Amy in May in Cabo) has been wonderful. She's busted her butt working for us so far and is in constant communication and has been wonderful.
  6. Here are my best guesses... Forget-me-nots, Blue Flax
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    Funjet is not so fun

    I'm so sorry to hear that but also so glad I read this! We have funjet for our wedding in a month and I just checked and our flight was changed to leaving 2 hrs earlier...no biggie to get there earlier but there's so much going on I'm glad I read this and double checked! We may have gone to the airport and our plane would've been gone!!!! I hope they don't change ours too radically again. Does this happen often? Growing up we always chartered from Dallas to Mexico and never had a problem. I hate airlines!!!!
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    Share your Wedding Dreams/Nightmares!

    I don't know if this is already a thread (because when I look up wedding dreams I get the hotel!) But I thought it could be fun to share your Wedding Dreams/Nightmares! I've been having the funniest ones lately! Last night I dreamt all my high school ex-boyfriends showed up to the ceremony and I kept running over to them in between the ceremony and asking what they were doing there! Also, as "entertainment" during the ceremony we had Bozo the clown and I was upset his hair was white instead of red! WTF does that dream mean!!!
  9. Oh I love love love your wedding dress and the designer! I just looked at their site, so unique!
  10. addisonreed1113

    July '08 NEWLYWEDS chat!

    One month exactly!!!! AHHHH!!!! Here's what I need to do: Get finalized budget from WC Finish cutting my menu cards, place cards and table cards Make 20 butterfly garlands with mirrored discs (ala Neiman Marcus) Get my budoir book from Lynn Michelle (she rocks!) Buy FI watch Get wedding bands Find a money tree!
  11. Hey girls! The brand new season of Platinum Weddings just started! There is a Cabo wedding in the pedregal at a private villa! Whoo they spent more thana me!!!!
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    Flower Cart-What do you think about these prices?

    This is a diff opinion but that doesn't seem horribly overpriced to me. Tulips obviously aren't native to Cabo or Mexico and are being flown in. I know bridal bouquets from high end florists in the states can get up to $330.