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  1. I don't know if I can post this link or not, if not, mod please remove. It is a blog that has drinks by colors. This one if for red drinks. Cocktails & Details: The Wedding Planners' Fabulous Blog Blog Archive Signature Drinks for Your Wedding by Color: Red
  2. Here is one that I found on the internet: Mexican Samurai (About) Ingredients: 2 parts TY KU liqueur 1 part tequila fresh sweet and sour mix Preparation: Pour the tequila and Ty Ku into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Add a dash of fresh sweet and sour mix. Shake well. Strain into a shot glass.
  3. We renewed our vows a year ago and my dd had a teal dress and my son had a matching shirt and khaki colored pants. Here is a pic
  4. I just read that Mellisa is now going to be on Dancing with The Stars starting Monday night. She is replacing someone that had a torn meniscus in her knee.
  5. Here is a pic of our bouquets that we had. They were all real flowers.
  6. I love bright colors. These were our colors for our vow renewal in Cabo. I wore a coral dress and the girls wore teal dresses and guys wore matching shirts.
  7. I also used Wedding in Paradise for our vow renewal in June. It was a good experience and had no problems. I have read the reviews (good/bad) and decided to go with WIP and was glad that I did. Good luck with your planning.
  8. I wore shoes until I got on the sand, found out how difficult it was to walk in them and kicked them off. It was so much easier.
  9. We used Manuel himself for our vow renewal. I havn't seen any of the other staff's work but I bet they are very good. Good luck with your search.
  10. I would go with the pink roses. They will stand out against all of the white.
  11. Here is a link that is already started on peoples cakes. Hope this helps.
  12. We renewed our vows in Cabo on Pedregal Beach and we stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose on June 2, 2008.
  13. Welcome to the forum! What part of Houston are you in? I have thought about doing something like this for my dh of 25 years, but I feel like I would be too old to do this and definitely not in shape. LOL. I live north of Houston.
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