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  1. i have beautiful teal/aqua colored dresses for my bridesmaids but now i can not decide what color the ushers and groom should be wearing. does anyone have pictures i can see or any suggestions as to what you think would look best? thanks
  2. niki2rude

    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    Talk about how time flies!! We got engaged sept 2008 and i cant believe we're down to the last 6 months!! crazy! anyways.....so far i have.... bought my dress ordered BM dresses designed and ordered BM's jewelry picked the resort sent invitations bought my jewelry i still have a few more things to take care of, but i think we're doin pretty good time wise
  3. I have purchased a set of crystal drop earrings, matching crystal necklace, matching crystal bracelet and crystal headband. I am just curious, do you think that is too much or are there other brides out there who are going all out even though its a destination wedding?
  4. that was actually something that i was looking for as well and we found they do this at the barcelo resorts. So we will be having ours either outside on the beach or at the open air grill by the beach...check it out. its the barcelo maya colonial beach resort in the mayan riviera. It is a large complex of 5 resorts!!! good luck!
  5. i have something im trying to figure out. since most resorts only give you the restaurant for your reception for approx 3hours, what are you planning to do for the dancing part of the evening?? are you paying extra to have the dancing in the restaurant or are you just taking the group to the disco after dinnner to party?? im confused as to how this all works?
  6. Thanks for the feedback Bethbride, did you get any updates? MexicoBeachBride2010, can you please keep me posted as to what you find out when you come back from your trip there in may? any info on that would be great. Maegan606, i am wondering if we can get the price per person dropped a bit for the ocean scents package, and would like to see what else we can manage to negotiate in the package in case we want to remove something and add something else, so i hope they can be flexible with some things at least
  7. i am wondering how easy it will be to negotiate or make changes to the wedding package we decide on at the Barcelo Maya Colonial Beach Resort. There are a few things we would like to alter/change. Can those of you who have dealt or are currently dealing with this resort please give me some feedback regarding your experiences with this. I hope they are at least a little flexible thanks
  8. how many of you are wearing some sort of lingerie under your dress? i am just questioning how uncomfortable and hot that will probably be and have been thinking of not wearing any and maybe just bringing it to change into later...wink wink. what r you all planning to do?
  9. i have been considering something other than the welcome/gift bag idea. i have been considering getting everyone a small gift that will be presented on the tables at the wedding reception and also do a donation on behalf of everyone to 2 foundations we believe in. Has anyone else done this before or is a welcome/gift bag really still the etiquette/expected for a DW?
  10. Has anyone used the photographer who is on the resort, if so can you please tell me about your experience, the price and if you could show some of the pictures. this would be greatly appreciated, we're trying to avoid hiring an outside vendor since you have to pay an additional $300 for that but if the resort photographer is no good than we may not have a choice thanks
  11. im curious, how easy is it to negotiate the packages and prices? we were hoping to be able to change a few things and possibly negotiate the rate per person if we do one of the beach ceremonies and a few other things. thanks
  12. niki2rude

    Newbie from Toronto Canada

    Hey gals! Just wanted to officially introduce myself. My name is Nicole and I am new to this forum but have been browsing it for some time before officially being accepted, which explains why i was not able to reply or post anything previously. LOL so now that i am a member i will be active on this site as it seems to be very informitive. So far my story is that i got engaged in september 2008 to my boyfriend of 9 years!! we are planning to get married in Mayan Riviera, Mexico hopefully at the Barcelo Maya Colonial Beach resort, we are just waiting for confirmation from them. We would like to be married Thurs Nov 5th or Fri Nov 6th, so i am anxiously awaiting the confirmation and hope to know for sure this week so i can send my invitations. anyhow!! im rambling on, hope to chat with you all soon!