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  1. wow thank you Angela, and everyone else for your amazing comments! I'm so excited for your Wedding! (p.s. glad you made it out of your stagette weekend unscathed!)
  2. haha wow thank you Magalie! You guys were absolutely incredible to be with, and I am SO glad you didn't add anything like "Michael is funny... but weird and doesn't know when to shut off, ...." lol! Seriously, what an amazing experience the entire time in Mexico was, I am so glad to have been a part of it all! p.s. your bouquet was to die for. did anyone mention that yet?
  3. I'm SO excited Magalie! When Amber started describing your wedding plans and how great you guys are I was literally squealing with glee over the phone! Can't wait to meet you and Travis!
  4. Congratulations Carol!!! Wishing you all the best in your planning!
  5. Congratulations and Welcome to the forum! I'll be shooting a BDW Bride's wedding in Cancun in December and I am SOOO excited to go there! Where are you getting married in Cancun? Which resort? If you made a search for the resort name in the forums you will find a HUGE amount of information, ranging from reviews to photos and tips/tricks! All the best!
  6. Congratulations and welcome to the forum! you must be SO EXCITED its just around the corner!!! All the best to you and the other half
  7. Congratulations Candice! Welcome to the forum! Not long now, you must be stoked!!
  8. Congratulations on your big day!! Its always great to see another Vancouverite on the forums! (I'm in White Rock, but hey close enough) lol There are a lot of awesome people here that can't wait to help you out! Just holla if you need anything!
  9. Congratulations Laura (and finance!) and welcome to the forum! Hawaii would be an AMAZING place to get married! Did you have any specific questions or areas you would like help/advice on for your big day? There are so many people here that can't wait to help you out!
  10. Welcome Shannon! Its never too late to join BDW!
  11. michaelwachniak


    Congratulations on your engagement! Happy Planning!
  12. Congrats Celeste! You're going to have an amazing time!
  13. Welcome to the forum, Tamara! I was born in Winnipeg, small world lol. I lived up in W. Kildonan area! Congrats on your big day!
  14. Thanks everyone! It was SO fun shooting with Michelle + David! You guys are SUCH an awesome couple! The Black and White shot with the fuzzy hats and the tree w/ lights should be blown up and set above your couch... I Love it THAT much!
  15. I have an ipod nano and an iphone... I have noticed that when my fingers are damp or wet, I cant use the iphone properly... it cant sense where your fingers are.... i have always wondered if it would pose a problem in a humid beach-y type scenario such as a DW reception... probably nothing to worry about but just a thought... i'd use an ipod with a wheel rather than a touch screen. my 2 cents
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