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  1. Kate I just looked at your wedding and TTD slideshows - gorgeous!!! Really, these are great photos, congrats
  2. Aww thanks Yes, we did have tons of fun! The best part was that really and truly no one could tell they were fake. Even my husband's dad and aunt who were helping to put on the guys bouts had NO clue and were shocked to find out they were fake. They were way cheaper than what the resort wanted to charge me for flowers (because I wanted 'exotic' flowers) and I love the fact that I get to keep my bouquet forever. The starfish jewel, I'm sorry I can't remember where I got it. It was an online store, and that particular starfish was the only one they had (I liked it cause it was peridot, my birthstone), so it wouldn't really help you anyways! The frame I got from Amazon.com - here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FHHAU6/ref=oss_product
  3. Thank you Yes, we did have a blast! And we did have Ivan from Doremixx and give him SO much credit for how fun our reception was. Seriously, the music was awesome - people did not stop dancing! Plus the balloons and lightsticks and masks, AND cold fireworks! So awesome All my guests were so impressed with him (my husband's dad is literally still talking about how amazing our DJ was). Hiring Ivan was the best decision I made! The maracas I got from Amols http://www.amols.com/catalog/product/MX700 You can get them in assorted or specific colours. They just say 'Mexico' on them, and I tied my own favor tags on with a cute saying on one side and a monogram on the other. These were such a hit at the reception! Everyone was dancing with them, and even some of the guys who usually don't dance were going nuts with them cause they said "hey, even if you can't dance, you can shake a maraca!". Somehow they just totally helped to release everyone's inhibitions (not that my group was very inhibited... lol).
  4. You must have been elsewhere cause if you were anything by the pool for that you would have seen - it was seriously quite a spectacle!!! I did not expect that! My guests were telling me that everyone at the resort was talking about it. I gotta say, swimming in my dress was sooo much fun! We had such a blast at the wedding. Not everything was perfect but I can say definitively that we had SO much fun! So many of our guests said to us that it was the best wedding they had ever been to (I'm biased of course, but it was the best wedding I have ever been to!)... nice to know they were also saying good things when we weren't there! Well, hopefully they were all good... what were they saying? Lol, I want to eavesdrop via BDW! P.S. OMG yes we brought down a ridiculous amount of stuff! We had a lot of people bringing suitcases for us!!! But you know what, as ridiculous as it was I'm so glad I did it because it saved us so much money. Plus I had what I wanted. And since I just could not seem to confirm anything with the resort prior to leaving (including availability of certain items, and prices), I didn't want to take my chances. So yes, it was a running joke that we brought the wedding to Mexico, we did not go to Mexico for the wedding. FI kept asking "do they supply anything? are you going to pack folding chairs in one of those suitcases too?!?", LOL.
  5. Aww Allegra - cute photos!!! I saw you taking photos on the stairs leading up to the lobby prior to your wedding, and I was actually by the pool watching your ceremony (from a non-creeper distance, of course!)... everyone in my group thought it was awesome how your groomsmen were introduced! Congrats
  6. P.S. That SUCKS about DJ Doremixx!!! That's who we had and they were honestly the highlight of the wedding - cannot say enough good things, and my guests are still raving about how we had the best wedding DJ they've ever seen.
  7. Hi girls! Sorry I have been gone for what seems like FOREVER... it's been so hectic since the wedding (Christmas, and then back to school and work...). I just wanted to check in and say hello. And to share a few photos that our photographer posted to his blog. These are from the wedding day: http://www.michaelwachniak.com/realloveis/2010/12/angela-craig-dreams-rivieracancun-resort-destination-wedding/ And these are from the TTD two days later: http://www.michaelwachniak.com/realloveis/2011/01/angela-craig-trash-the-dress-session-in-cancun-mexico/ I promise I'm working on a review for you soon!
  8. Thanks Angie Here are some of the TTD that our photog just posted last night: http://www.michaelwachniak.com/realloveis/2011/01/angela-craig-trash-the-dress-session-in-cancun-mexico/
  9. Angie your wedding sounds great! And you look great - beautiful photos!!! I'm so glad everything turned out so well for you I haven't done a full review yet (but our wedding was amazing overall) - just signed on to share a few pics! I don't have all the pro pics yet, but my photog did post a few to his blog: http://www.michaelwachniak.com/realloveis/2010/12/angela-craig-dreams-rivieracancun-resort-destination-wedding/
  10. I can't believe I leave in 3 days - eeeeek!!!! Still have programs to do (WC won't get back to me to confirm my timeline... ARG!), welcome letters for the OOT bags, and table numbers. Other than that it is pretty much just my own personal preparation (getting my hair done tonight, want to go for a facial and a couple more tans...) and packing. Oh and I have a final exam in my advanced stats class tomorrow night - fun, lol.
  11. My communication was just starting to be good with Gaby, and now this past week or so - nothing. I'm guessing that she is getting swamped again with one of the other WC's leaving. SO FRUSTRATING! I leave in one week...
  12. Does anyone have an email address or phone number for someone at DecoCancun? I'm at work and I can't get their website to load! Also, anyone receive pricing for submerged centerpieces? (Thinking 3 or 4 cylinder vases of different sizes, submerged flowers with floating candles on top)
  13. Congrats Deanna, and thanks so much for your review, pictures, and info! I was wondering, did you use the resort photographers AND Claudia? How did that work? I'm bringing my own photographer, and was thinking that it would be great to have two, but assumed that logistically I wouldn't really be able to use both... I know other girls have used the resort photogs for their rehearsal dinner or TTD, but I have my photographer there for that too. Also, I noticed in your photos that you've had some cylinder vases at your reception. Just wondering if you brought those yourself or if the resort had them (and if so, did they charge you?)? I've been trying to get an answer from Gaby if they have cylinder vases I can use for my submerged flower centerpieces, or if I need to bring my own, but I still haven't heard from her. And I leave next week!
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