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  1. NHPT

    buying a new laptop....

    i am still totally in love iwth my 3 year old mac book. i got the really basic one for like $999 i think and i have not had one single problem with it in the past 3 years. macs seem to run faster because you dont have to get the spyware stuff for them.
  2. NHPT

    Anyone have a Steam Mop?

    i have the H2O steam mop- saw it on an infomercial but ordered it from bed bath and beyind and i LOVE it. works on our tile, and hardwood perfectly. so much easier than dealing with a regular mop
  3. NHPT

    Southern Belles

    oh you know i am totally watching it! i love all that crap- i know it rots the brain but its so freakin funny! like a trainwreck!
  4. i'm busted! i am obsessed with all her pictures!
  5. its about time she met a BDW auntie anyways.........bring roja- they would get along great! ha
  6. wow guys! these are amazing offers and amazing prices!!! anyone want to fly to miami to take baby pics-haha! tammyB? :-)
  7. NHPT

    BDW Forum now on Twitter

    ughhhhhh i was totally avoiding twitter----now i might be swayed....
  8. bump- everyone please read this and be aware!
  9. NHPT

    You girls are TOO much!!!

    yay! congrats!