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  1. Am I crazy to think ferret people might be nuttier than cat hoarders? lol
  2. I was just in a pet store and saw this: I recognized several outfits from here. lol
  3. Morgan- You didn't tell us about nibblets 4th of July fun: Poor guy got so wastey face he doesn't even know what happened to his pants: then had to wear this ice pack next day for his massive hangover:
  4. A little BDW history- we used to call threads like this the "shout box" because the forum originally had a little chat room that we could "shout" in. When that feature was removed with a forum upgrade, we created shout box threads to keep the daily chit chat going. 6 years later I'm still super close with all the girls I originally use to chat with. Keep plugging away- who knows, you might end up making some really good friends in the process!
  5. 150 post rule for downloads was to encourage members to share, interact, and create a giving culture. BDW wanted to shy away from members just "taking" and not contributing back to the resources. Good luck on your quest for 150!
  6. LaLa- I was married years ago so forgive me if outdated, but they set up the table for the iPod right next to the dance floor. Very convenient and I often manned it myself when I decided I wasn't feeling a particular song anymore. We only had 20 guests so it was very intimate.
  7. I voted "maybe" because where I got married didn't have a lot of vendor options due to location, but they accommodated every request we made using the vendors they normally contract with. I was allowed to bring my own photographer and this is the only area that would be a deal breaker. In the example you provided though, that's crap! A policy change should grandfather those already on the books. Awful business practice!
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