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  1. Hi guys, Not sure if this has already been posted on here, but if it has I didn't find it when I was searching. Anyway - here is a link to a blog and template for a chocolate bar (candy bar) wrapper. This is the Hersheys 'His&Hers' that I think I've seen pictures of previously and includes an editable nutrition facts label. Hope it helps someone: http://voices.yahoo.com/how-own-personalized-candy-bar-wrappers-1316149.html?cat=23
  2. sbg75

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    I notice you got there! I'm about to head there myself! Woohoo - can't believe how excited I am to see my little member status change!
  3. Thank you for posting this. What a sad story, my thoughts are with your neighbour. My FI always laughs at me because I never hang up the phone without telling him I love him. We are all so lucky right now and I hope we will remain so.
  4. It is such a difficult decision and I hope you can find a way to answer without causing any offence. Good luck but yes, do remember that it is your day.
  5. I think the casual get together is a great idea. I'm making a weekend of it as we have a 18 month old son and it will be my first ever night away from him and therefore a real treat for me. Myself and some of my best girlfriends are going out for dinner and dancing on the friday night, I will then spend the saturday with just my mum and my sister having some proper girlie bonding time and then my aunts are coming over to my mums on the Sunday for a casual get together. I spend a lot of time with my mum but it's normally always with my baby boy as well so I'm really looking forward to it being just the 3 of us for a change. The only part that is going to cost any real money is the Friday night but we aren't going anywhere expensive so hopefully we will keep a lid on the money. I hope that whatever you decide you have a fantastic wedding and either shower or bbq (or both!)
  6. We are doing separate rooms but we are getting married in the morning so it does make it a little easier.
  7. Thanks for sharing your ideas ladies. Can;t wait to meet my photographer in person, it's all been via email and phonecalls. But I like how he sounds on the phone. He sounds like he has such passion for his work so I hope that will show through in our pictures. Although I think a little guidance on what we like shouldn't hurt at all.
  8. So which ones did you go with Sunset Love? Post some pictures. I also like the idea of candy in the glasses, although this would affect the budget.
  9. I love reading these - although i really should be getting on with all my diy projects!
  10. Oh this is just the best thread! I can't wait to post mine. You all look so happy and make beautiful brides
  11. Trying to find ideas for my flower girls at the moment - these look great will def add it to my possible list!
  12. How long should I leave the eyebrows to grow? I'd end up looking like a yeti if I left it too long!
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