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  1. Hi. I had no luck getting the woman on the phone. I actually had to take the day off today in order to go down and get this settled. Thank you for your information so far. I will let you know if I can get any answers. I sent the two page, detailed account to the head of Chicago schools, the teacher's union and the Chicago Tribune. So far no replies. Not surprised.
  2. Good afternoon ladies. I am out of my mind aggravated and don't know who to turn to for help. I've always found answers here. To make a long story short my employer refuses to insure my husband b/c the MCert is in Spanish. Both of use had open enrollment at the same time. He waived and I added him. He should have been covered as of 1/1/08. After 4 trips to HR to find out why the insurance provider has never heard of him, I finally receive this answer. I am mad for many reasons. One being that after over a month the didn't find it necessary yo contact me and tell me they required this. Another being that the US goverment accepted the MCert no problem to change my name and for a new SS card. The state of IL even accepted it when I renewed my license with my new name. I'm pregnant and emotional as well. Ooh! Can you believe that when I asked to speak to the woman who was making the decision not to accpet the Mexican version, I was told that she would not see me because she was off the clock. This was at 3:20 pm today. The coward refused to come out of her office to speak to me. ALl I wanted to know was where she suggested I go to get it translated and also why I was never told about this problem when I came in the 3 times before today or by mail. I was sent away in tears (pregnant). Anyway, my qestion is where to get his translated and notarized. I've never had to do anything like this and I have no where to turn. My husband is uninsured and the HR department had the nerve to put the deadline of 01/15/08 on me to return the translated version. Can anyone help? Jenesis
  3. Francia in Hinsdale 630.325.4100 is where I bought mine. Francia Bridal YOu can also schedule an appointment at macy's or one of the other department stores. There is a place that is pretty expensive (for me), but if you can afford it, there are beautiful dresses. Vegas to Venice Untitled Document Dimitras Bridal and Evening Couture Dimitras Bridal and Evening Couture
  4. This was my menu Canapés v Cherry tomato filled with mozzarella and pesto v Black Forest Ham tartlet with camembert cheese and cherry tomato v Goat cheese crostini with grilled vegetables Tortilla CHips and Guacamole First Course v Pico de gallo salad with jicama, orange and cucumber marinated in lime and chile Main Course (choice if one) v Fish of the day wrapped in potato string with a cream citric sauce, zucchini and carrots v Honey and ground black pepper BBQ chicken with broccoli gratin potato v Marinated skirt steak served with baked potato, mini vegetables and smoked jalapeno salsa Dessert v Mini churros v Mini Opera cake v Mini Tres Leches cake
  5. I had menu cards that listed the canapes, the dinner options (already chosen) and dessert. The other side of the card listed the bar options.
  6. I did my own. I just bought card stock and envelopes form Paper Source, some ribbon, rubber stambs and scalloped scissors. Here's picture. http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o...invitation.jpg
  7. Transcabo picked up 35 people from 6 different locations and had everyone at the Hilton on time. THey were great.
  8. In my opinion open bar is totally worth it. We had open bar the first 4 hours and then we were talked into changing the last 2.5 hours to consumption. We were somehow convinced that people would slow down after 10 and it wold be cheaper. It was more expensive than if we would have just paid for the open bar from 6:30 to 1am. I think it all depends on your guests. We had a handful that weren't drinking alcohol, but it still added up. It might have been things such as bottled water, I don't know.
  9. Do you have allergies or do you smoke?
  10. I didn't do a cake. I had mini tres leches, opera and churros. Very good, but I just never actually saw a full cake.
  11. I stayed there for week for my Honeymoon. The balconies are connected. Every balcony serves two rooms.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by beachbride I know exactly how you girls feel, and I think most girls on here are feeling the same way... My favorite from FI's family~ no less~ was "I guess you guys don't want anyone to come to your wedding, do you?" WTF? people this is not your day it's OURS!! HA!!! I heard the same exact thing. I was so shocked. We got many other rude comments, including "I'll look forward to party you throw when you get back". THis "party" was conveniently located in my yard. Now it didn't happen, nor will it ever, but I was so furius that people had the f**king nerve to go as far as to invite themselves to my house when I had said a dozen times that my wedding would be in MExico. PERIOD! THis comment was on an RSVP too. The people who did come to our wedding REALLY wanted to be there and it made the day extraordinary. We don't regret a second of it. Even now that we are back people insist on being extremely inconsiderate. A few times already we have experienced a family member nonchalantly saying something dispassionate like, "Oh, aren't you guys married now?" This would be after an hour or so in their company. Idiots. The, "When is the party?" still hasn't stopped. What pisses me off the most is the obvious fact that these people think that what happened in Mexico wasn't real and that now that we are back we owe them a "real" wedding.
  13. I would say no. I started at a new school right after getting engaged, and had been at the school 2 years when I go married. Now, when I sent the STDs out I hadn't been there a year. I didn't invite anyone and doubt very much that they expected to be. I figure the planning began before the relationship with my new co-workers did.
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