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  1. I love "My Big Redneck Wedding". My mom and I discovered it while I was visiting her and it was a marathon so we were up until about 2am watching it. I can't believe i didn't think to have a beer can arch! And I didn't even consider Camo when dress shopping. DH says we should do Camo for our AHR.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jean-marcus i call urban legend on this one.... ive heard it many times before. always slightly different BUT OH MANnn if it was true id be so best friends with this guy Totally an urban legend. I have been hearing this story for years. How awesome though if it actually happened?
  3. We finally found one after months of searching. We just got into the habit of checking electronics and game stores every time we happened to be by one. It wasn't until I stopped working for a bit and was able to go on a weekday and found one (!) in stock at a game store. It was really frustrating. anyway, all we have so far is the sports games that came with it. But we have so much fun with it. I am really awful at guitar hero so I don't know if we will get that. Hopefully we can invest ion some more games soon. I sort of consider it part of my workout program...my arms get so sore the next day if we play for a few hours at night.
  4. My ceremony is at 5pm and I think the hair and makeup people are coming at 3 or so. But the photographer is coming at 3:30 and will take pics of me getting ready. Originally I think my WC scheduled them earlier but I worried about my hair falling and me wiping off my makeup because I tend to touch my face alot. I don't have bridesmaids so no one else will be getting "done" before the wedding.
  5. We got disposable waterproof cameras for our OOT bags. At Kmart I think. They were probably $12 each but we have very few people coming to our wedding so we only had to buy 4 or 5. Don't know how good the pictures will be. I think we got cameras like this when we went to Hawaii a few years ago and the pictures were fine. I have a feeling FI 11 year old neice will be the one using them the most.
  6. I just saw them in Target the other day and it made me happy to see them for $20. They are called Assets. The "real" Spanx I was going to buy for under my dress are $72! Although I have found you need to attach them to your bra or tuck it under or something or it will roll or just start to slip down. If you can get past that part they really do work wonders.
  7. I am wondering about the same thing. I am not sure if I should tip or give a gift. I look forward to seeing what suggestions everyone comes up with.
  8. We are having this same dilemna. I like the Bed Bath Beyond idea though. Do any other stores do that? I guess it just makes people feel better to buy from a registry. Ugh. I really didn't want to do that. So far I just have been telling people who ask that we don't want anything but we appreciate the thought. That has mostly been co-workers for now. Family and friends will probably start asking once we have the AHR (only immediate family are coming to the wedding). FI told his co-workers if they really want to give something then donate to the american Cancer Society in memory of his father. I did have a friend who was moving from CA to NY right after her wedding so they said they don't want gifts since they are moving, but if we really wanted to give something then cash or gift cards to help with the move. I don't remember how it was worded, but I think the cirumstances made it not seem tacky.
  9. We were in Ocho Rios for a day - it was a stop on our cruise. It was my favorite port and I wish we had more time there. We did an ATV tour through some gorgeous land and ended up jumping off a cliff into the ocean. I was terrified but it was so fun.
  10. I hate needles so we decided against doing it legally in Mexico. We will probably go to the courthouse right before we go to Mexico. I still feel like the wedding in Mexico will be our "real" wedding. The other is just the legal stuff. I do feel like I may be more relaxed knowing the legal stuff is out of the way before the wedding and once the mexico ceremony is over then we are married, nothing left to take care of.
  11. FI sister and I are both named jennifer so when we are all together it gets confusing so he started referring to me as "girlfriend jen". it just sort of stuck and now I am just "girlfriend" all the time to FI. He says that more than my actual name so I tease him that he is afraid of calling me the wrong name so I am just generic girlfriend. It's cute when he says it but I don't know what will happen once we are married. Will he start calling me "wife"?
  12. I have had problems with beef (and chicken to a lesser degree) for a wile now. I am very picky about the beef I eat. I have even given up In' N Out burger because I don't know where there beef comes from! I try to buy my meat from whole foods and try to get grass fed beef. I read somewhere that the reasons cows get so sick and need all the vaccines and antibiotics is because they are being fed a corn diet and corn is not a food that cows are designed to eat and they have a hard time digesting it. Now I don't claim to be any sort of expert, I only know from the little I have researched. It just makes me feel better to buy "organic" meat and support smaller farms and not buy from the big mega food companies. Is it wrong that all this talk about beef makes me want a cheeseburger?
  13. Anyone have any good, healthy slow cooker recipes? I have been looking through books and find that almost everything uses cream of mushroom soup and i don't want cream based (and not really a big mushroom fan either). Maybe I just need to find a good slow cooker cookbook? I bought a slow cooker nearly a year ago (ack) and have yet to take it out of the box ( mostly because of work i am out of the house for like 14 hours a day and nothing needs to cook that long.) FI gives me such a hard time about it because it is sitting in the same spot in the kitchen as the day i bought it. Now that I quit my job and am not working, I want to use it but don't know where to start. Help!
  14. Salada. The funny thing is FI sister is also named Jennifer. Thankfully she has a married name (and kept it even after she got divorced) It's already confusing enough when we are all together. Imagine if we had the same last name as well? But when you are named Jennifer you get used to not being original. I am changing my name for practical reasons and because it is important to FI. I am ok with it but it will take some getting used to. I am not that excited about dealing with the whole name change process and remembering to sign a new name. this is my last month with my maiden name!
  15. Good News!!!!! The store got my dress from the manufacturer and it is currently on it's way to me. They said it should be here by Friday. I am so excited. also a little nervous because I haven't seen it in so long. I hope I still like it. and I know the drill. I will post a picture!
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