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  1. They are AMAZING!!! I booked them last april and I was her second or third wedding. The pics and the video are better than anything I have seen in the USA. Everyone was telling me not to spend alot on pics, but im glad I did my own thing. She was cheaper than a USA photographer but more than the resort photo person. I have people always asking who did my pics there that good. I walked away with amazing pics and videos.. You will not be disappoited. If we go back for our anniversary we may use than again...
  2. We choose the paradisus punta cana- We had 25 people- 23 adults and 2 kids. It was perfect.... 11 restaurants many pools, casino, live shows- everyone who went wants to go back...
  3. The paradisus had it as an option- it was 1500.00 for 5 mins if my memory is correct. This resort does offer it but it was pricey- we did 2 fie dancers instead
  4. The site is still up- and the main web site for them is just as nice as well. Alot of the photo's on their site were taken @april and may. She had several booked. Anyone who books them will not be disappoited
  5. I have PPC - I dont know how great they will be but I can send you through snapfish- Send me a private email with your address and Ill send you 6 different peoples' pics from our wedding
  6. The WC planner did read everything in english after the judge spoke. It was not a problem and no one said anything. My friend got married in mexico and it was the same way. Usually they ask if you want a guests to translate or the wedding planner. We choose the wc
  7. My reception was at alberfura- and it was not my first choice the marino was. But am I glad we switched it... I loved it, it was private and we had a dance floor, everyone had a blast. We had a dj and firedancers- its a perfect location- HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!! The marino's floor is like a boardwalk and so big and open- its the large buffet everyday for breakfest and lunch- wasn't a fan
  8. I had a private reception at the resort in the one restaurant- it worked out great.. Firedancers, dj and food, and dancing, etc.. What resort are you choosing
  9. WE had a MC- We had a friend do all the annoucing- our dance, father daughter dance, speeches , etc... The DJ doesn't intro anything at the paradisus punta cana- you could always ask the wedding people too
  10. When I got married in April- she was getting really busy. For May- July this year... They are usually very fast with emails but when they have alot of weddings it may take some time. That is what my experience was with them. I know they live @45 min away from the majority of resorts too. We were married at the paradisus and it took her @45min each way to meet us. All the brides have everything when they leave the island- so it doesn't give them alot of time. We got married on Friday and Monday she meet with us and wed in the am she gave us everything before we left that day. Its fast-
  11. my parents called their cc company that we used for the wedding and told them the @amount we would be charging and the day.
  12. Just watch out traveling from the US to DR. I carried alot of cash because we did excursions and our photographer took cash only. My sister was stopped by customs- they said you can only bring 1,000.00 in cash into DR. I was not stopped but her, my parents, and 2 cus's all were asked.
  13. Hey ladies- No worries.... I got married on April 25th and it was fed ex to me yesterday. So, I would say it took about 2 months total. So, the 6 month or longer wait is over...
  14. Don't worry girls- She is very , very nice. She was at my wedding in April. She is a little slower than viviana, but it will come together. She just sent me an email that my wedding lic was in the office and going to be fed ex out. She was very fast to my replies. Worst case you could call viviana at the palma real.
  15. At the resort- you will almost always use american dollars. I never in 10 days got domincan pesco's. I had 2 quests that did because they used the ATM. My excursion- and everything we used us dollars. The conversion is crazy too... Its 34 to 1
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